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Csak az Ön országából származó vélemények (Hungary)
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  • 16/01/2016

    Pour le prix, je suis vraiment content de mon achat. Elles permettent de faire de l'art avec du vernis sur les ongles.

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 23/02/2016

    Very good product! The shipping time it was ok! I will buy again!

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 15/09/2013

    I love the shine on my nails with it! So easy to apply and so beautiful! It works perfect for finish effect on black base. I can do so many things with it.

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    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 07/09/2013

    This product is very difficult to get where i live i was happy to get it at an affordable price and in varying colors. it came well packaged i was very satisfied

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 27/06/2015

    These are very easy to use and look great. I actually ordered more I love them that much. Can't beat the price and the quantity. Will def be ordering more

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 26/06/2015

    These are so easy to use, great price and comes in enough colors to keep things interesting and not get bored of them. I already ordered more the day I received these and tried them

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 20/05/2013

    I have bought in my country a lot of foils but this one is much easier to use. You don't need a lot of foil glue to put it on your nails. It comes in a bottle so it is easy to store them.

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 20/10/2015

    The colour is really beautiful, just like it was shown in the picture! I have ordered only one but I'm gonna try more colours.

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 06/03/2015

    foil that corresponds to the description it is very long I chose the holographic foil which is gorgeous

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 08/06/2016

    still didn't use them but the white one looks very pretty! the container is handy for saving

    Mutasd az eredetit

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