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  • 09/01/2021

    It finally arrived after the 2nd shipment. The first one was shipped with an incomplete shipping address, so it arrived in my country, yet had nowhere to go (I blame DHL for incompetence). The seller shipped a 2nd time but using USPS with insurance if it got lost again. And thankfully it arrived at my home. I could not stop playing with it. I know it's just a washing machine, but it's so damn cute and surprising effective. We had a dirty dish rag that even when washed by hand, on wringing it out, there was always an awful greasy slick embedded in its fibres. But this little machine on a single 10 minute cycle got rid of the grease slick. WOW. The default cable is a AU to C13 connector cable. But the C13 cable is a common household appliance cable and easily replaced. Most commonly found in desktop PC's... it's the same power cable. I have plenty of those lying around. So no need to use janky adapters.

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  • 11/12/2020

    This thing is amazing! It's so small but actually very capable at washing anything I've thrown at it. T-shirt, jeans, hand towels, cushion covers, and as seen here a man's thick winter cardigan. No fuss, no mess. Plug in, add your clothing, fill with water until the clothing is submerged, turn on. 10 minutes later you're done! The drain function and spin cycle means no dripping wet clothes either. Crucially, this folds down into a tiny size that can be tucked away in a cupboard, and uses about 25w of power during use. Perfect for small homes and caravans.

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  • 03/11/2020

    I love it as a uni student. Arrived in 6 working days. I can fit about 4 t shirts in there all at once. only problem when you drain it moves so you have to hold it or put something heavy on top

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  • 21/06/2021

    egyszerű és nagyon könnyen kezelhető.

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  • 20/01/2021


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  • 17/01/2021

    Gyors szállítás. A mosógép jól működik, nagyszerű munkát végez. Ajánlom!

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  • 24/03/2021

    perfetta per lavare mutande e calzini la consiglio vivamente arrivata in 4 giorni in Italia

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  • 19/01/2021

    Egyszerűen csodálatos!

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  • 26/09/2020

    Super fast delivery, it arrives in 5 days!! Really chic looking, trying the functions now, it is working fine so far with 6 pairs of socks. The lead is not UK type, but I have a adapter at home, so it is all perfect! Well done, happy to recommend it!

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  • 01/10/2020

    I got it in 10 days (Italy). It is seems made by high quality materials and the packaging is Ok as well. I have tried it and it works properly, the instructions are in Chinese only, but it has just 1 button and limited functions (anyway an English translation could be useful...). The connection/plug is not for Italy unfortunately.

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