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  • 17/10/2017

    The product comes in antistatic bags. I tested all three of them and work perfect! I connected in 12V to 15V DC Power Supply as Input Source, I’ adjusted for 5V Output and connected in 2.2A load. Works Very Good, I measure a little bit of noise (20 – 35 mVpp) in the Output but this is right for this switch type converters. Quick tip: connect an Inductor same type as that who is mounted in the board in series with the (+) of output, and then connect a couple of capacitors (one 100uF Electrolytic and one 100n Ceramic) between the free leg of Inductor and the GND. THAT’S IT NOISE NO MORE!!! I use the module and the low-pass Filter to supply +5V to an RTL-SDR and a Wide Band Preamplifier for HF Band, and the result it’s GREAT! Seller’s service was VERY GOOD!!! Delivery Time its fast. TOTALLY RECOMMENDED!!!

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  • 13/09/2017

    I tested it with a 12Vdc power source and all the 3 power supply circuits work like a charm. the voltage adjustment is easy. satisfied and suggested ho testato i 3 circuiti con una sorgente a 12Vdc e tutti e 3 hanno funzionato perfettamente. la regolazione con trim multigiri è OK. soddisfatto e suggerito come acquisto

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