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  • ehntoo

    The tubular picks themselves are well-machined and operate smoothly. The knurling on the handles is very nice, and the tools feel very nice in the hand. The picks include removable tension pins. I had only a few tubular locks to hand, but each was quickly opened. The acrylic lock included is very nice for demonstrating the principle of operation of tubular locks, includes its own case, and looks very nice. It's utility beyond that is somewhat limited.

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  • MAMU

    I got the goods. Very good product. Very fast delivery. Excellent service Thank you very much

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  • 29/11/2016

    Picks works fine and good quality.

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 13/05/2019

    This product was in great condition when it reached me.

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 02/03/2017

    This set has indexing pins unlike the set without the practice lock. These work very well, much better than my set from another manufacturer. One pick had trouble taking an indexing pin without opening it up with a 1mm drill bit (by hand, not drilling). Must have had some edge at the top of the drilled hole I guess. Practice lock is of awfull quality. It is very rough. It was barely able to open with the key supplied and after turning a full turn it does not open even with a key. Never wanted this kit for the lock anyway, I wanted this because it has indexing pins.

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 19/10/2016

    доставка курьером до дома.запаковано было все надежно.на таможне не открывали.для своей цены просто супер.всем советую.

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 08/08/2019

    Bought because of recommendation from Lock Picking Lawyer. Good price and quality.

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 01/08/2019

    nice package. Delivery was faster than expected :) Tools are solid and of good quality. practice lock sticks even with the key and is low quality. This is the set you want if you’ve been watching YouTube videos.

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 04/06/2017

    I originally bought the other version not realizing they don't have tension pins. Bummed as I was I read that this batch does in fact have them. So I have both versions. A minor niggle but the inside diameter isn't exactly right. I tried using this set on some tubular locks and while it fit some perfectly a couple of them were too tight with my 7.8 - yet my 7.8 WITHOUT the pins fit perfectly on everything. So the inner diameter is a bit off. I rolled up some coarse emery cloth and sanded out the inside for 15 minutes and now it fits fine. But for what 30 bucks? You can't go wrong. The practice lock that comes with this is junk. Sometimes even the key doesn't work. But if you wanted to see how they work it's a bonus.

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 04/05/2021

    Was very happy with the product and got everything that was described in the narrative

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