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  • 26/10/2016

    I have these motors installed on a DJI F450 clone frame and they fly really well! My quad weighs in at around 1kg and with 1045 props and 3S battery it hovers comfortably at around 45% throttle. I've been flying this quad for the last few days and are very happy with the motors considering the price. Will fly them some more and see how they last.

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  • 26/05/2019

    nice, excellent awesome powerful great motor becouse this is branded motor good product गजब की मोटर है

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  • 20/10/2016

    These motors dont only look good but they also fly good, I put them on my Diatone 450 ghostframe, they have enough power to lift the frame very easily with the lipo which is a 3S 5200, so pretty heavy load but i flies like a champ. Packaged in little carton boxes with screws, overall very good buy and great price. Fast delivery from Banggood so I will buy again.

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  • 17/01/2017

    Package was received today in a timely manner. There is however, 2 things to mention : 1) The screws supplied with the motors are too short (9mm) to go through the arms of my frame (Diatone Q450). 12 mm would do the job which means ordering more stuff. (or shopping for some anyway...). 2) The pictogram indicating the rotation of the motors doesn't correspond their label. It seems that the CCW motor would turn CW and vise versa.... Since I don't have the battery pack yet, hard to determine the motor's rotation... Since I'm completely new at this and this my first drone built, all comments are welcomed. Robert

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  • 04/11/2019

    entrega rápida, agora é só testar, excelente vendedor

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  • 31/10/2019

    Very good product and excellent quality

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  • 26/07/2017

    Motor silencioso econômico qualidade de acabamento eixo perfeito suporte a hélices DJI ficou muito estável o meu F450

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  • 29/12/2016

    Моторки просто здоровские. Вращение ровное, старт плавный, вибрации не мерял приборами, но заметных не обнаружил. Намотка ровная, балансировка заметна на внутренней части (синяя мастика). Упакованы хорошо. И каждый по отдельности и общая упаковка посылки. Доехали сравнительно быстро (две недели) несмотря что долго в бэкордере лежали. Трек отслеживался все время корректно. Очень довольны и я и пепелац ))).

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  • 12/04/2017

    Installed on 500 quad, work well. Good price. Perfect fix for such props: http://www.banggood.com/Gemfan-DJI-Style-1045-Carbon-Nylon-CWCCW-Propeller-For-RC-Multirotor-p-961068.html

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  • 14/10/2019

    good product

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