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  • 22/12/2014

    Рюкзак пришел быстро, качество, цвет соответствуют заявленому, есть отсек для гидратора

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  • 02/04/2019

    Rucksack is made of durable material, zippers and plastic clips are good quality. It has a large main compartment and a medium size secondary compartment. There are three removable molle pouches included but you can add more pouches if you want. Check out my posted unboxing video for this rucksack.

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  • 08/02/2017

    Item was delivered in 7 days from EU warehouse. It was very well packed, came undamaged and without any smell. The backpack material is very thick and waterproof, seems very durable material. Backpack looks attractive, colors are very nice. Zippers are large and made of metal. It is very big with lots of pockets. Check my review video for more details: https://youtu.be/_OpXfv1IpgY I am very satisfied with this purchase. Quality for small price. Will purchase another one for my better half. Thanks Banggood.

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  • 14/09/2016

    Definately worth it, twice! Very content with this purchase. The shoulder straps are firmly attached. It is quite big, with one very big compartment and a smaller one, which could be big enough for two 10" tablets. The detachable pockets are very nice. It has a separate belt and I can use the big one separately for easy access. There are many possibilities for attaching things. I took a picture for comparison of the size with the product ID: 87544. It certainly must be a big bag for asian posture. The chest strap is big enough and well positioned. Only the belly strap is a little too short for my 200 pound western frame ;-) But I'd buy it again any time.

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  • 13/08/2016

    super very fast delivery

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  • 18/05/2016

    This backpack represents good value for the money it cost but it is an economy item and allowance has to be made for that. it has faults which IMHO are not insurmountable and i can live with them. The main compartment is full height and not as might have be expected a separate bottom compartment but that said it has a full depth and full width pocket on its inner face There is a Velcro patch above this compartment that is supposed to allow a drinking tube to exit the pack, on mine at least there is no hole for the tube to pass through,. there are also no fittings to suspend a drinking pouch. The Molle fastenings on all three pouches are not implemented in the normal way, on the side pouches a Velcro strap is passed behind the ladder webbing and attaches to Velcro patches on the pouch. on the centre pouch a strap passes behind the webbing and picks up on D rings on the pouch before fastening with a press stud..That said they seem to be secure and all the pouches seem to have good strong zips There are two loops of webbing sewn in under the main pack to which sleeping mats/tents could be fastened or they could be cutt and have quick release fasteners attached should you wish. there are D rings near the top of each side of the main pack to which a sleeping bag might be fashioned. I found myself to be right on the limit of the belt with my 44inch waist but if you need more it is standard two inch webbing and buckles so make an extension! The main fault though for me is the lining in the outer main compartment The face of the compartment has been built with expansion panels in each side to increase its volume but the lining is a plain sheet of waterproof(?) fabric with no means to expand. This means if you need that extra space you would need to modify the lining in some way, In places the finishing on the stitches could be tidier but as i said this is an economy item and sold at a very reasonable price so you don't get all the frills (and if they bother you you could trim them yourself) So if you are in the market for a low cost military style pack of good size and with the ability to be added to this could be the item for you!

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  • 15/02/2017

    i really like this BIG backpack, it has a lot of department and the detachable bags are really usefull.

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  • 09/10/2020

    excelente mochila para camping buenos materiales llego muy rapido

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  • Zorinko

    all is OK very fast delivery

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  • 25/08/2016

    Good overall quality. Its not small at all. pretty decent for the price. Removable pockets and bag! Didn't had the chance to use it for now but it seems that it will do the work just fine!

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