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  • 17/01/2019

    I need this small funnel to fill my hip bottle with whiskey when going outdoors. It was ordered on the 2nd December 2018 and just arrived now the 17th January - an awful long time - even Marco Polo would have made it in a shorter time ! But on closer look at the package it had a sticky label declaring it was "MISSENT TO MALDIVES" - over 3000 kms away in the Indian Ocean - a long way off from MALTA in EUROPE. I wonder how it finally arrived and not broken in spite of it being Glass. I reckon the idea of printing the postcode beneath the Country of destination does not help. It should be placed aside the City or Town. The product is of the highest order with clear clean glass free of bubbles and well finished without any cutting edges especially at the top of the funnel where mostly handled. It is unribbed thereby necessitating the article to be lifted somewhat to avoid airlocks formed with the mating surfaces between the funnel and the neck/lip of the bottle being filled. Otherwise first class - Well done Banggood !

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  • 12/06/2018

    I was impresseed how well this item was protected for shipping, considering how little is done for some other items. Even though it was not enclosed in a cardboard box, I doubt a box would have added much protection. That is, the amount of force required to break the glass would have been about the same even if it was in a box, unless the box was made of wood or some other very strong material, which would cost almost as much as the funnel. I suspect Banggood has done substantial statistical analysis of the relative costs of packaging versus return losses. Most packages arrive with just barely enough protection, often none at all for really inexpensive things, so that often items are slightly damaged but not bad enough to warrant complaint or return. That;s what I call a well-run business. Anyway the funnel is nice, as expected, excellent value for the price.

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  • 29/05/2017

    I was surprised mine arrived unbroken, being simply wrapped and bagged with other heavy items, so it is likely fairly tough glass. I want it for battery cell filling so size is perfect, my only small complaint would be the tube exit is cut sharp, with a jagged edge that may easily slice skin, so handle with care. Other than that very good.

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  • 25/05/2017

    Decent little glass funnel. Showed up, measures exactly as described. No chips, cracks or defects that I can see in it.

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  • 12/09/2019

    Small glass funnel for use in small bottles.

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  • 16/05/2018

    Well packed. Good glass hardware

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  • GbsVIP4

    Buona qualità

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  • 25/11/2017


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  • 01/04/2017

    Good item.

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