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Csak az Ön országából származó vélemények (Hungary)
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  • 24/11/2020

    Very Impressive ! Professionally vacuum packaged and a 2 week delivery to Canada. I really like the solid aluminum mounting bracket which made it easy to modify and mount to my home made CNC. Unlike other modules this laser is off until you press the test button. With careful focusing (I usually focus on a black razor blade using a head band magnifier from Banggood, laser goggles and PWM set at 1% power) the dot approached 0.1mm. Its very difficult to get a picture of the focused dot but i tried below. For my needs (wood engraving) it seems perfect and cuts through paper like butter at 30% power. I have not tried deep cutting wood yet but so far i'm very impressed with the quality of this laser compared to others i've purchased. I'll update in comments if i run into any problems with it over time. Thanks to Banggood for providing a great product at a great price !

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  • 07/05/2021

    çok güzel paketlenmiş gümrük vergisi istediler ödedim bana iadesini yaptılar çok teşekkürler kazıma için yeterince güçlğ ve gözlüksüz kullanmayın lütfen

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  • 30/01/2021

    Very powerful, and the beam is more homogene than on the 20W model, you don't see stripes on it, indicating a cleaner cut. The dot is said to be focusable to 0.08mm. It's quite hard to figure the right one with the protective glass though, they should sell it focused at a calibrated distance with a pad to help adjust it. I'll redo all my cutting and engraving tests. Let's hope it will last longer than the 20W model whose diode lost its power after a few hours of work and which I had to replace with a NUB0E. One point though, the test button on the board was broken, and the missing piece is not in the box nor the bag, indicating it was not broken during transportation but in the factory. I won't use the board, so I can deal with it, but it probably indicates insufficient Q/A at the factory, hence 4 stars only. The fixation module is very well thought. It can replace the usual ones made for 30-33mm laser modules, and remains compatible with older ones (NEJE 20W, Eleksmaker 2.5W, and my DIY 1W fit perfectly into it). I think having a lever+spring instead of a screw would make it easier to handle but that's already fine.

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  • 25/02/2021

    Ottimo laser, potente e preciso, la ventola si aziona in automatico, necessita del convertitore TTL in dotazione. consiglio una alimentazione esterna e air assist messa a fuoco manuale, rispetto agli altri moduli laser, questo Neje va montato molto più vicino al pezzo da incidere, quindi sarà necessario un componente per farlo scorrere più in basso

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  • 27/01/2021

    Üdv mindenkinek. Helyes ár PapyKy a CNC-PappyKyKa-tól.

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  • 11/12/2020


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  • 09/12/2020

    Törökország 10 nap alatt érkezett Isztambulba. Ez egy minőségi termék, a darabok alumíniumból készültek. A kábelek kicsit rövidek, de nem baj.

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  • 09/08/2021

    A menetrend szerint érkezett, ez egy kiváló 30W neje lézer

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  • 11/01/2021

    great packing sealed tight and safe great job.

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  • 26/12/2020

    its so nice and ı can use wery well

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