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  • 27/01/2015

    Easy to use and very good scanning quality. It is always in my computer bag. Convenient to scan books and papers. The included pdf format is very useful.

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  • 22/11/2014

    very good scanner, as described it needs 2 batteries AA and a microsd card

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  • 08/04/2015

    I ordered the scanner and I was pleasantly surprised with the fast shipping. It arrived promptly and the wrapping was excellent. The item was just as described, if not better. I was happy to see that it not only scans flat flawlessly, but also scans on uneven surfaces. That is important to me and to everyone who is in a hurry and doesn't always have the time to properly lay out documents. The package has all the necessary accessories inside - user's manual, USB cable, software CD, a case for the scanner. The scanner itself needs no additional drivers; it's fully operational when you plug it in. The seller is correct and helpful, and I would definitely recommend them and the store. Overall A++! Thank you!

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  • 02/10/2016

    Really slim and handy to bring along to the library (I have pretty small hands and it's just as long as an A5 book)! It is pretty discreet and the librarian would not be too suspicious =). That said, it is best scanning small books, maybe smaller than size A5 to in between A4 (or block of text within that size range), as there could be a time limit especially when you scan through slowly. Hopefully the text within the book is not too near the margins of the book, as the whole length of the scanning mirror is also a bit smaller than the actual length and width of the scanner. It is also best to scan just black and white text, because even though you can scan color pics, there may still be some lines and color quality may be uneven no matter how many calibration you do (which you would usually not see if you scan it with a flat bed scanner). It is also best to calibrate it first by testing it against solid white paper with black text, because when you scan the next book which has pages that may be a bit yellowed the scanning might not turn out clear. Or to test scanning one page first, then check the quality in the computer to see if scanning quality is ok and you don't need to recalibrate it anymore. (See the pictures for reference) You cannot connect it the computer to power it up and scan and immediately see the results at the same time. Once you connect it to the computer, it is stuck at USB/card reader mode. You have to place batteries in it and disconnect it from the computer to be able to go to Scan mode. It could use up the batteries fast. I bought rechargeable batteries instead so that I wouldn't spend too much on buying batteries. Overall, good for text and bringing it around. Not too good for pictures and big books though.

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  • 16/03/2015

    This scanner is amazing it really has 900DPI. I recommend this product.

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  • 15/02/2018

    Equipo Banggood: Buena tienda online. Pagina intuitiva. Servicio de Soporte: Gracias por su atención y servicio ante dudas, e información. Sobre el envió: Bangood, Direct Link (Suecia), y 4-72 (Colombia), me llego todo, completo, en buen estado. -sobre mi pedido: --Pro: si es lo que solicite: ok, con todos sus accesorios: ok, es el modelo solicitado: ok, y el color especificado: ok. --cons: nada en especial. (En espera de aprenderlo a manejar para poder decir que tal funciona). Recomiendo Bangood. Recomiendo pagar el envió con Tracking. Se ve bien el producto. Un poco de paciencia. Recomiendo comprarlo.

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  • 27/11/2015

    First I got it in my hands the quality of the build was apparent. Solidly built and has a good size for notebook bag. Requires 2 x AA batteries and a micro SD memory card. I tried with a Class 4 card and it worked quite good. Just an important remark, the first couple of scans I made were quite bad. It had stripes and false colors. I then used the instructions on the white balance card and everything solved instantly. It uses this white card to adjust dot gains in its sensor. After this adjustment, you get a much better detail than a smartphone camera even at the lowest setting.

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  • 06/03/2021

    Çok güzel ve kullanışlı bir cihaz. Hafifi ve kaliteli bir ürün. Kutı içeriğinden kablo, temizleme bezi, muhafaza çantası, kalibrasyon kağıdı çıkıyor birde. Kağıt üzerine el ile siz sürerek evrak tarıyorsunuz.ister bilgisayara isterseniz cihaza takacağınız micro SD karta depolaya biliyorsunuz. Çekim kalitesi gayet iyi. Teslim süresi çşndski bahar bayramından dolayı biraz gecikti.

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  • GusVIP3

    excelent. It had delivered very fast and very well conditions

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  • 14/09/2017

    Посылку получил, коробка была повреждена. Сам прибор работает нормально.

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