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  • 14/07/2021

    Kiváló vaku fény, nagyon hasznos, hogy mentse az akkumulátor, akkor válassza ki a beállításokat az alkalomra, Meg kell vizsgálni, hogy mennyi ideig tart az akkumulátor az alsó beállítás. Eddig a leghasznosabb elemlámpám van.

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  • 19/09/2020

    This light is crazy. For an absolute budget price, you get a premium product. - The exterior is very carefully milled, with a beautiful finish and practical design - the size is perfectly fit for everyday carrying without getting in the way - the UI is a bit confusing for the first minute, but easy to understand with a bit of playing. - and finally the brightness is mind blowing. At the second to weakest mode (when in its 4 mode setting), it competes with most mid range pocket lights and torches. At the next level it's bright enough to light up everything up to 30m ahead and with the boost on you can comfortably see up to 50m but even at 100m things are still quite well lit. I'm super happy, and don't have a single complaint. Shipping was really fast too, 2 weeks to the Netherlands. Absolute no brainer.

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  • KayVIP1

    Very fast shipping to germany, only 8 days. Although the light is not the most modern, it is still awsome. In the tailcap there are now 2 springs installed, so there is no need to bypass it, to get the full current at turbo-mode.

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  • 25/11/2020

    Gyorsan megérkezett, hibátlan csomagolásban.

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  • 12/02/2021


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  • 21/12/2020

    Todo correcto! Buen producto

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  • 09/09/2020

    Conforme a descrizione

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  • 25/01/2016

    I own 2 of these BLF A6's one ordered from U.S. and one ordered from Banggoods Warehouse in China, the U.S. arrived much quicker but it was a mess as far as the LED board and the lack of packaging, the light arrived box partially crushed and I am attaching a picture of what the LED board looked like and I have filed a request for replacement and do hope if accepted that it comes from China. The A6 I received from China came very quickly, was beautiful packaged and not a scrap on the box, the lights assembly was 100% better than the one that came from the U.S. warehouse, I am a member of the BLF community that designed and worked with Banggood to make these lights what they are, just spectacular and it bothers me to see one come to me in the shape it was, I am sure Banggood will take care of this issue for me. White LED board from US warehouse & Red from China, boxes left from US & right from China & sitting on soft packing from china not a blemish on China's box

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  • 23/09/2019

    Amazing light. My favourite light, beats all the premium ones out there and has the form factor of a Fenix E35 which was a favourite, or similar models! Amazing beam pattern too! UI is fantastic though confusing at first. You can turn on and off mode memory, choose between 7 and 4 modes and use flat top or button top 18650 batteries. I use Samsung 30Q!

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  • 15/01/2017

    The BLF A6, First off, if your second guessing about purchasing this flashlight don't. This is not your see it every day flashlight. The build quality and materials used to fabricate this flashlight are on par with it's higher end brothers. The box it came in was simple and solid, not a package you throw away. The appearance of the BLF A6 is a flat tactical black, a nice change from the shiny black look. The machine work on this flashlight is very nice and the threads glide when opening it. The tail cap was lubed but not the body to the head. I just used a non petroleum silicone grease and all was good. The pocket clip has a good hold of the flashlight and some might find it hard to remove which means you wont loose it. The tail cap coping is a nice feature when you have big thumbs, it makes turning on the flashlight hassle free. Now when I put my battery inside and went threw the modes I instantly noticed how nice it switched between modes with just a lite thumb jab. No hard half press's just a lite jab to run threw the modes, nice! The mode options on the BLF A6 are awesome. It lets you choose between two different options by programming it with the tail switch. Now for the good part! The light output is just amazing for such a small reflector and the distance was very respectable. I did a head to head with my EDC MH20 and found a new every day carry flashlight. No joke, this flashlight rocks and weighs 4,5 ounces with the battery! I love the 7 levels of light output and the strobe mode is definitely seizure worthy. My final thoughts. Would I recommend this flashlight to a friend? You bet, without hesitation! It has amazing build quality and the components are top shelf. The lighting output is just amazing for such a small flashlight. Now the run times are not the best at higher levels but that's not what this flashlight is for. It is the perfect every day carry flashlight and I highly doubt anyone could find a better flashlight anywhere near the price range. So with that I can't wait till BLF comes out with another flashlight, Budget Light Forum. Thank you BangGood for an amazing Flashlight! Doug S.

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