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  • 16/01/2019

    these squishies are so soft and slow rising. 6 of them were awesome and way better than expected. 4 of them were soft or dense and fast rising. They are sticky which I love. Worth the price knowing you can buy 1 of them for the price. All different and packages in their own bags, and then put in one bag which is put in the shipping bag! Shipping was slow but came 6 days before due date. Awesome package!

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • AnnVIP1

    I recently placed and order of 10 squishies... then 30 I'm kind of OBSESSED I guess you could say.. I definitely recommend you buy these! There is one slight problem though some of them are quite hard and some are super soft even if they are the same face for example; I got 2 panda buns in my 30 pack and one was kinda hard and the other was super super soft. And the same with the tofu bread looking things lol. Anyway overall this was a perfect gift for anyone and I guarantee they would love it!

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 03/02/2018

    all 10 squishes were very cute but the laughing face emoji had some chunks out of it the bear cone had a lot of black on its face that didnt belong and the toast was super dense and not even slowrising but honestly the panda bun pink fish and dumpling were such a good quality that they alone I would have paid 5 dollars for. so buy this I think its a good deal and they are cute but don't be surprised if I 2 or 3 is damaged and hard.

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 04/11/2020

    ha keres olcsó és aranyos nyálkás ezek azok soo csodálatos hozta ezt a nővérem tette nap volt, miután egy rossz nap is megéri!!

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 04/01/2018

    I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE THIS ORDER. The squishies smell like perfume. Half of them are soft and the other half is a bit dense. Soo worth it considering the price. LOVEEEE IT. definitely recommend this

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 16/08/2018

    These squishies are so good that I could die!! I didn't expect them to be so good. I fought that they would be all not slow rising but they actually are!!!!!!!! I am dead by the smell because it smells so flipping good!!!! I love banggood so much :D

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 04/02/2019

    A les criatures els hi encanten aquestes coses. Fàcil i econòmic fer-los feliços. Cal tenir en compte que la textura de la majoria d'ells és força tova i un pèl enganxifosa. Això vol dir que es poden trencar amb certa facilitat i embrutar-se fàcilment en poc temps. Malgrat això és un regal divertit! ------------------------------ Kids love these kind of things. Easy and economical to make them happy. Keep in mind that the texture of most of them is soft and a bit sticky. This means that they can be broken easily and get dirty in a short time. However its a fun gift!

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 08/08/2018

    over all the package was great I’m very happy with it the top row is my favourite squishys they were soft and slow some of the bottom ones were dense but all slow rising some have small defects but good over all would buy again!

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 05/06/2018

    I love every squishy sm!! they were all slow rising and soft! Some were even sticky! Overall great value for the price and I definitely recommend!! (Came with 10 but I’ve given 2 away!)

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 03/01/2018

    Amazing squishy package. Its good for the price because its very cheap. Some of the squishies were dense but mostly slow rising. They were so cute. I am very happy for the selection that i recieved. I got ten squishies like promised and they are the perfect size. They all came in their seperate little bags with celephone straps and everything. Idk why but they smell like my ibloom peach and its so nice. Im so happy. It didnt take long to come aswell.

    Mutasd az eredetit

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