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  • 06/08/2021

    Otlino!, fel a Tiro79, hozzá egy radiátor a processzor, nyomtatott állványok a keret, minden illeszkedik a torony alatt a keret védelem, eltávolítja a tökéletesen őszinte 2k 60FPS, ezért az árban nincsenek analógok! Például:https://youtu.be/LXdbZfj_JFY

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  • 25/05/2021

    Ez egy remek kis kamera. A 250 g-os ZOHD Drift orrában használom. Dugd be, és elkezdi felvenni, kihúzni, és leáll. Én csatoltam néhány képernyő megragad néhány videót készítettem

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  • 18/09/2021

    A kamera működik. Könnyű és kényelmes. 2v1. Egy kis rövid kábel a második köteghez. A lencse fókusza nincs beállítva.

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  • 19/04/2021

    ottima camera con registrazione HD.. Non è la prima che acquisto, ed il prodotto si conferma ottimo.

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  • 28/05/2021

    5 tagenben 👍🏻💪

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  • 28/10/2018

    Got mine within 4 days shipping, First impressions It's very well made, the mounting procedure is pathetic IF going on a 20x20 stack, ALL the components are to close to the mounting holes meaning IF using the standard M2 plastic standoff and nuts the standoffs and nuts get in the way of the components and it can not be tightened down properly, In the bag of screws there are 8x tiny little rings these are threaded and really help, out of the box I noticed that there is NO writing on my camera lens surround, In every picture and video I've seen of the Turtle V2 it should say "TURBO EYE" AROUND THE CAMERA LENS it doesn't say anything AND IS IN FACT TOTALLY BLACK ALL THE WAY AROUND, I have messaged Caddx.us and Banggood about this but still waiting for a reply, So far communication from Caddx.us is none existent, One thing to keep in mind, Runcam ALWAYS message me back within 24 hours, I've not tested how the Turtle V2 performs yet as I'm still stuck trying to install it into my 2.5" Quad, 4x pictures are to show NO Turbo Eye printed on the lens, 1x picture showing the tiny little ring parts holding the board in place, You need the same 4x tiny rings under to board, Just waiting now to hear back from either Caddx.us or Banggood about the missing writing "TURBO EYE" to see if this is either a Fake, Clone, or just something Caddx.us did to the final release of the Turtle V2, Hope this helps people, fly safe :-)

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  • 12/03/2020

    Added surprise as nd8 filter included with this one ! brilliant cameras and don't believe anyone who says otherwise, I've a quad fleet all using turtles and they work great. reliable and crystal sharp image, fantastic exposure and white balance.

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  • 28/02/2019

    Embora não se compare frente GoPro, a qualidade de imagem dessa câmera é excepcional. Vale a pena o investimento para registrar os voos em alta definição.

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  • kev8792

    This is my second Caddx Turtle V2 from Banggood, and AGAIN there is NO "TURBO EYE" printed around the lens like advertised in the pictures above... I Messaged Caddx.US about this and they told me some ship without the "TURBO EYE" Printed around the lens but they have assured me that it is indeed a turbo eye lens Finally got it sorted on how to mount the turtle on a 20x20 stack, the supplied screws and other stuff you get are just a pain in the ass, Not test flown this yet just working on the desk, seams to be ok

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  • 03/11/2018

    Was strange to see HD camera from Caddx without sound in V1 and bright out colors. The V2 has it all, but still would like to see the AUDIO out pad for FPV long range joy! Now colors look more natural, and easy to change in post production. Great lens! With 155°FOV, bigger than Runcam Split Mini v2 (also has similar button, only split v2 looses them all the time..) Over all great camera for HD footage, no big latency for FPV, great for Wings such as miniArWing (perfect even for it). Is very lightweight can be easy used with even 2" mini quads! For real smooth HD footage!

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