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  • 10/06/2021


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  • 15/04/2022

    Megérkezett szuper gyors, nagyon megbízható és felelős eladó

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  • 11/01/2022


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  • 31/07/2017

    Very compact, when combined with XT60 connector like on the attached photos makes a nice USB power plug for any LiPo you have by. Can easily handle current up to 1 amp, but gets really hot when it's around 2A. When wrapped in a shrinking tube I wouldn't trust using it anywhere above 1.5A, but I have very few electronics that exeeds that requirement. So it's fair trade of for the portability and price.

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  • 30/01/2018

    Pro: Quality/Performance per Price (Are be Costed of 6.69PLN with Coupon for "New Users"|Tested with a "BlitzWolf BW-MC1" of 14.65PLN/Galaxy S6 (8xAA|Pic of 1.18A) [About Cable review: Review can't be add with "Commas" when really it's a 14.65 not 1465]) - Performance are be approved as of: "blog.yavilevich.com/2017/03/efficient-dc-12v-to-5v-conversion-for-low-power-electronics-evaluation-of-six-modules"|If you have a 6/12/24V PSU's: it's will be good at Charging/Suppling. Cons: Nothing

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  • 11/02/2018

    I put this on a 2A load for some time. It held the voltage fine (better than some of my other USB power supplies), but the chip got too hot to touch. I wouldn't want to install this anywhere if I was going to use 2A though it. Too hot. I tried 1A, and then it was warm but was ok to touch. My dashcam only draws about 250ma, this power supply is perfect for that. It doesn't get warm at that current. It's small and cheap, perfect for this application.

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  • SidVIP2

    I bought a few of these and randomly tested them on my bench supply no without any issues. There are many uses for these USB ports, I have shown a prototype build in the photo included with this review.

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  • 02/02/2017

    I must say it's very tiny, extremely handy to power a Raspberry Pi or charge your mobile or tablet from many different sources like power adapters from laptops etc lying around, or even a car battery for a project where you need a Pi running off the grid for some time.

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  • 22/01/2020

    Épségben megérkezett. Terheletlen kimeneti feszültség: 5.13V

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  • 27/03/2019

    good product, but not more than 24v dc input

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