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Csak az Ön országából származó vélemények (Hungary)
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  • 29/12/2020

    kapott megrendelés szerint köszönet 😊 Erős doboz.

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  • 05/06/2018

    A nicely realistic looking bird model made from EPP. The parts are nicely coloured and precisely cut. I put this together in just one morning, no problems... It does have a couple of poor points, one being its weak nose, and the second being a heavy triangular piece of wood used for holding the fins to the correct angle at the rear.. Weight at the rear is never a good idea.. Despite the poor points I recommend this model... It looks the part.. I made some modifications at the nose, where it seemed weak and poorly thought out... I fitted two 8mm EPP horizontal braces , One was for my own tube type motor mount and the other is used as a battery tray. To start with I fitted an over sized axi motor..pic2, this will be changed later to get the correct COG.. ( being heavy at the rear it needs more weight at the front) The motor to esc wires go in and along the bottom of the fuzz to where the ESC is held on with velcro, pic3.. and the wires from the ESC come outthrough below the lipo tray/brace pic4..

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  • 22/01/2020

    Haven't flown it yet (UK weather) but everybody else seems to have a good time. It is essential that the nose is reinforced. A great build is here...... Dave Merc ...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5VOT9D2gVw Follow it carefully and all should go well. Mine is now complete. Push-rods crossed to give straighter run. antennae at 90 degrees in two small drinking straws on front of tail to give best range. If you are flying just right stick, DO Not use V-tail mixing, that is normally to mix rudder on left stick and elevator on right. Use elevon mixing, normally for delta winged aircraft, it mixes right-stick elevator and right-stick aileron. Leaving just throttle on left stick. Controls should be...... Stick to right, from rear, both surfaces move right, ie left tail from rear is up, right tail is down. Stick to left , from rear, both surfaces move left , ie left tail from rear is down, right tail is up. Stick towards you for up, both tails up. Stick away from you for down, both tails down. You may have to reverse channel 1 or channel 2 depending on servo direction on your radio to give the desired directions. Hope this helps Ian.

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  • 19/11/2019

    Building this bird requires a little experience at assembly but is a fairly easy project. Pros & Cons: Cons: Manual is incomplete and needs improvement. Major issue is lack of clear instructions on mounting the motor. Info on V tail set up would be helpful. The printing on the body panels was of poor quality. The exposed edges on all of the foam pieces are white and will need to be hand painted to provide the proper image. Pros: Looks quite realistic in the sky and always draws the attention of spectators in the area. It flies much better than I expected. Still fun to fly even in winds up to 10 MPH. Nice model for the money. The eagle is so--- much fun to fly!!! I have been getting 8 to 12 min. flights on 5 min. of motor run time. I found a lot of useful info on assembling this model on Youtube. I built mine with a 120 deg. included angle for the tail instead of the specified 90 deg. to improve the appearance and flight characteristics. I also added plywood mounting trays for the receiver, the ESC & the bat. Total flying wgt. with a 2212 1400kv motor & a 1300 mAh bat. is 454 g. Note that the v tail set up is rt. side down to turn right, left side down to turn left.

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  • 09/12/2019

    Il prodotto è arrivato in tempi brevi e in ottime condizioni. All'apertura dell'imballaggio il contenuto e i materiali utilizzati si sono rivelati esattamente come nella descrizione.La decorazione è di buona fattura considerato il prezzo. Questa versione non è comprensiva della motorizzazione che valuterò in sede di assemblaggio. Grazie Banggood.

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  • 12/09/2018

    J'ai modifié 2 choses qui m'ont semblé intéressantes. J'ai découpé un tronçon central au fil chaud pour augmenter un peu l'envergure. J'ai changer le système de fixation d'aile par élastiques pour une fixation d'aile par vis plastique (je pense que ça peu améliorer l'aérodynamisme. Attention au centrage qui est à 70mm du Bord d'attaque et attention au bon calage du bâti moteur . Pour ma part j'avais trop de cabreur et l'agle est monté à la verticale pour retomber lourdement. Sinon, c'est un délice à piloter alors bon vols à vous

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  • 14/06/2018

    This is the second Hawk I have purchased. First one is great and still flying beautifully, added ailerons to it. Recommended mod. This one is for a friend to train on. Will set up with ailerons and elevators only. No need for rudder. Highly recommend this plane for a relaxing day of flying and bringing a smile to spectators. Had ordered lipos with purchase and packer left batteries loose in box and received damage to wing. Easy fix, so no big deal. BG, please advise your packers to tape additional products to inside of box to keep from banging around and causing damage. Otherwise plane arrived in perfect condition. Bring us more of RC flying products!!

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  • 30/05/2018

    I love this plane. It can almost fly at walking speed, and can turn with a radius of about 1 m. I added wing warping ailerons to mine but they did not work well. Ailerons are not needed anyway, but if you want you can cut them out easily. It flies very well using rudder v-tail. Set it up with 18 mm of elevator throw and 18 mm of rudder throw on each tail surface and it will fly with authority. I assembled my eagle using both thin and thick CA glue and kicker. The EPP foam can handle it. Hot glue works well too. Building it was easy. Make sure you align the feather markings on the wing and wingtip when you glue them together, and make sure you don't glue the motor mount with up thrust, and it'll be fine. I used a Racerstar BR2212 1000KV motor and 3S 1300 mAh battery with the propeller included in the kit. I painted the motor yellow to blend in with the beak area. It draws about 6,5 A at full throttle and climbs very well. I don't even have to throw it. I can give full throttle and just let go of it and it will fly away. All in all a lovely plane that looks like a bird in the air. Here's a video of the maiden flight: https://youtu.be/jRR0mTDc4-k

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  • 25/05/2017

    voila un petit aigle complet, il faut ajouter l'électronique. Le kit est bien présenté, pièces propres et documentation suffisante pour les néophytes. Sur le terrain, il fait de l'effet et en vol ..;c'est superbe. Effectivement, centrage à environ 60 mm et l’empennage de V fonctionne comme une dérives, tout à droite pour aller à droite et vice versa. tout en haut pour monter... j'ai mis un moteur pas très puissant mais ça suffit et ça monte proprement.

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  • 02/10/2018

    I bought this eagle to try and I am very happy with his performances. I equipped it with a brushless 2212 powered by 3S. I installed a CCD camera and a VTX 25mW, it's great. I can fly even in high winds without any problem. Do not hesitate if this bird interests you.

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