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Csak az Ön országából származó vélemények (Hungary)
  • 03/04/2016

    When received everything looks OK. General appearance and build quality is OK. When installed worked OK but after few minutes starts to smell burned and I turn it off and unscrew it. The bulb starts to melt. I checked bulb and on it sticker that shows 110-130 V. On web site in description voltage is 220 V (bold ). It's probably my fault for not checking bulb before installing but you should than change description of product.

  • 07/06/2016

    Very good brightness. Claims 3,000 lumens, but might appear less than this. However, as long as it does not burn out, or have some segments fail, it is good value. Some concerns that it is not CSA approved for Canada and no labelling on the bulb. The labelling is standard for all good name-brand bulbs coming from Phillips, Sylvania, General Electric. Therefore there is no label of voltage, current, wattage, lumens. No safety warnings on any label (like Do Not use outdoors with rain exposure). While good value, some concern about electrical safety. Hope there is no fire risk. But when there is poor quality control, and no CSA, fire can always be a risk. Hope it will burn the many thousands of hours claimed Toronto, Canada

  • tomor

    I ordered more than 20 of these and more than half have failed in 6 to 14 months, with limited burn time. Six were replaced under warranty, but now they are out of warranty. I am gradually replacing with another brand of LED replacement lamps (from Amazon) with much better luck. Buying these from Banggood was a huge mistake!

  • 15/06/2016

    I expect that the brightness of that product must be on another level. But in reality it is comparable to 23w light bulb. That means 3000LM feels like "disinformation"

  • 30/06/2016

    This LED bulb 30 W 110V is very good. It enlightens great. voltage at attention as it is not common to use the 110 V home. - Cette ampoule LED de 30 W en 110 V est de très bonne qualité. Elle éclaire super bien. Attention au voltage car il n'est pas courant d'utiliser du 110 V par chez nous.

  • 18/07/2016

    It also runs a bit hot. So CFL or this I don't get it. For the price I suppose but I wouldn't buy this particular one again.

  • 19/04/2016

    Used these to replace 150 watt incandescent bulbs in my shop. More light for WAY less electricity.

  • 10/04/2018

    2 of 3 gone by overheating. Guess it is a problem with air circulation or is it not meant to be mounted upside down?

  • 28/03/2017

    These work super great in trouble lights. No more burning yourself and with the whiter light you can better distinguish wire colours.

  • 26/01/2017

    Great lights I use these in my drop lights at work. They can withstand the abuse of being dropped and banged into things.


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