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  • 28/03/2020

    Very good F22 raptor, banggood please sell the foam/plastic bits/pushrods etc separate like you do with mini p51. Jumper combo to rx brick (see pic). Done many scratch f22s, modded other foam ones, this is beautiful, a modders dream. Spacious, rigid, good authority, small, powerful enough. First flight it's great stable, fast fun! Pulled aileron servo after first flights because prefererence for elevons over aileron/elevator, locked the foam with tape. Flies too stable with gyro, elevons and trim makes plane fly like a dream. pulled the gyro brick and installed smaller no gyro 949, perfect fit, same lipo, 6 grams lighter. better control. 1s 360 is lighter than 2s 180 so kept this one lean and mean. happy with it, super durable and aggressive brushed have extra prop, use kingkongs

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  • 17/10/2020

    Kedves, Köszönöm, hogy elküldted az F22-est. Ez az RC sík az egyik legjobb repülőgép, hogy van. Nagyon stabil és fejlett módban van, őrült manővereket tudok csinálni. Kezdési módban repülj, mint egy igazi F22-es. Én magas ajánlom ezt RC sík kezdő, közép- és haladó pilóták. Utóirat: Csináltam pár festést.

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  • 03/02/2020

    Eachine Volantex Mini F22 Raptor is a fun RC jet, Park flyer RC airplane. Its absolutely beginner friendly with its built in stabilization system. It can perform one click rolls and loops aerobatics. Its safe to fly around people and offers plenty of flight time on single fully charged 3.7v battery. Cheap and affordable yet fun to fly.

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  • 31/12/2019

    This plane is an absolute blast to fly, but the aileron servo died on the third flight. While the plane is very fast, the gyro stabilization makes it relatively easy to fly. It is not a four channel plane as advertised, but a three channel plane with ailerons and no rudder. Still, the flying qualities are excellent, and I don't miss the rudder control in the air. I find it slightly more difficult to fly than the excellent Eachine Mini Mustang. When I gave up elevator on the first take off, the prop struck the ground, breaking a blade off. There were no spare props in the box, even though two spare props are shown in the picture on the Banggood website. Spare props are not yet available, but I was able to adapt a Parrot Minidrone prop to fit. A minute into the third flight, the aileron servo stopped working. Luckily, it was in a gentle turn and landed safely in the neighbor's yard. Now, when I plug in the battery, the servo gets hot. ...REALLY hot! I can see shiny rub marks where the pushrods were rubbing on the underside of the fuselage. That could have caused the servo to be overstressed, overheating the servo's motor's armature windings. There are no spare servos available, so the plane is dead. Aside from the servo failure, I love this little plane, but the lack of spare parts is very disappointing. If all the advertised parts were included, and if the plane lasted more than a couple of flights, this would be a fantastic plane, getting a five star rating across the board. As it is, without spare parts availability, I am hesitant to recommend this plane.

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  • 05/02/2021

    Just received this item this morning so can not write a full review however I can say that Bangood have beaten the record for fast delivery I ordered this product 4 days ago and it arrived 10am this morning WOW! now that is fast my last order was 6 days which was quick. the item turned up in great condition which I am impressed with as some items do not fair well in transit. I wish all bangood products could be delivered as fast as this I have one outstanding order which was ordered last week and was estimated to be dispatched today I don't know if it will or not. but all being said I have not tested the item yet I may need to set up the plane first before its maiden flight but I will do a follow up review of the product. but for now thank you Bangood for a quick transaction especially as I only paid £42 for this gorgeous looking bird and can not wait to fly it. I hope my XK K110 arrives soon. though next month I will be hopefully ordering anouther heli and possibly the mini P51 rc plane fingers crossed. thanks again Bangood a big thumbs up from me. p.s to anyone looking for a beginners rc plane get this one!!!

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  • 20/01/2020

    perfecto , vuela muy bien . recomendado

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  • 20/03/2021

    Szép és erős akarok még egyet!!

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  • 22/11/2020

    Excellent plane. Easy to fly thanks to 3 adjustable flight modes. Was my first RC airplane model. So also suitable for beginners. Had a few crashes. Had to glue the nose a couple of times. But still flies. Because of the positive experience, I also bought the P-51 and the F4U. All three are just plain fun.

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  • 07/10/2021

    Ez már a harmadik F-22-es Raptorom, imádom ezt a gépet. A második eltűnt a szemem elől, és sosem találtam meg, így ki kellett cserélnem. Az összes gépem közül ez az egyik kedvencem. egy kicsit tovább tartott, mint vártam, de megérte várni. Nagyon jól csomagolt volt, egy remek kis szórólap, gyors, nagyon szórakoztató. Még egyszer köszönöm

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  • 30/12/2020

    this looks like a fast park flyer. It's made of durable foam. These are brushed motors, so let the plane rest for 10 minutes after each flight or you will burn up the motors prematurely.

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