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  • saikuya

    Just add a single wire, Smart audio function can be used. FC side: Pin 1 VTX side: Pin 1 Port: UART2: TBS Smart audio

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  • 16/02/2021

    It's a bargain but a bit of a headache as Eachine doesn't seem to have a QC department. If you're prepared to learn and dive in deep then this is for you. I love it as I learned so much about the hobby by doing it. The build wouldn't take long - even for a beginner like me - but you're not supplied with the correct amount of standoffs and plug wiring is wrong and parts FC has been changed/upgraded and there's no information on it. I had to direct solder camera to Vtx in the end, and if I remember correctly you need to find and attach a wire to make smart audio work. If you're supplied with an ESC that has a capacitor on bottom side of board , remove it and solder onto top side of board (AndyRC's YouTube build tip which I didn't bother with, then had to go back in and do). There's no way of top mounting battery so if the capacitor is on the bottom side...the battery lead will force it down onto the carbon. I received mine late December and the flight controller had been changed/upgraded without any info. My BF port configuration was all wrong. Through try and error I found that you need to use UART6. The FC can take Ibus or Sbus. I use a Frsky XM± receiver wedged between top plate and boards. Upgrade to Gemfan Flash propellers and upgrade the camera. I use a Foxeer Razr micro camera which fits frame perfectly (and has good picture quality). The weather has been crap here but any chance I've had to fly, its flown really well on both 3s and 4s. Plenty of tuning and finding the sweet spot with batteries still to do. If you like a challenge and want to test your patience and have a decent drone for the money at the end of it, then buy it. It's probably the best £60odd I've spent.

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  • 06/06/2019

    Nice fpv drone

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  • 11/12/2019

    je commande ce kit pour monter les composants sur un cadre différent car cela revient moins cher que d’acheter les composants un par un

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  • saikuya

    Just add a single wire, Smart audio function can be used. FC side: Pin 1 VTX side: Pin 1 Port: UART2: TBS Smart audio

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  • 06/07/2019

    mantap.... akhirnya punya drone racing, dapet diskon pula untuk pembeliannya, ga pake ribet untuk pembeliannya.... cukup pake ATM bersama atau melalui alfamart dan indomaret

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  • 28/05/2019

    The propellers must be changed. Cyclone 3056 are a good option. The batteries that I am using are 550mah 3s and 4s and weight is less than 250gr You should add a receiver for your station, I use xm + for my taranis. The space is very limited.

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  • 31/08/2019

    mantap.. 9 hari sampai Yogyakarta.. drone racing pertamaku 😄 habis rakit, nekat terbang tanpa fpv goggle/monitor, meluncur tinggi, menjauh dan menghilang 😅 beruntung ditemuin petani jatuh di sawah2. saran: buat yg pertama kali maen ginian, jangan maen di sawah yg tanaman nya tinggi2 & bermacam2.. kalo jatuh susah banget nyarinya :( macam jarum ditumpukan jerami. btw kalo ada yg dari Jogja & punya komunitas drone beginian, ajak2 aku yaa :)

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  • 21/01/2020

    This is a great drone for the price & has taken a few crashes suprisingly well (see pics). it's very fast on 4s & pretty fast on 3s. the camera for me is the worst part because it can't go from light to dark areas very well, flying in the afternoon with shadows around annoys me lol. it's fine in normal conditions though it's a bit bland I think

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  • 10/10/2020

    Esse já é o terceiro Race que eu monto sou fã pelo baixo custo, peças baratas e fácil de encontrar as peças, a última atualização ficou ótima chegou bem rápido e como sempre a caixa protege bem as peças. Se você quer aprender a montar e configurar este drone eu aconselho fora que ele boa muito bem!

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