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    I solved the problem with this water heater when the inlet water temperature is low (8C), which resulted in hot water that was too cold to use for showering. Or, when the water flow was not enough to take a shower and just barely warm enough. The answer was to use TWO water heaters in series. See photos. Now, I have very warm water for showering and plenty of water flow. With the two valves I can adjust the water temperature when showering. The water heaters have a digital temperature readout, but that temperature is NOT reading outlet water temperature! The temperature probe is inside a cavity mounted near the heating element. The readout reads a higher temperature than the outlet water temperature. So, I moved the temperature probe to the water outlet port. The water temperatures you see in the photos are water heater outlet temperatures.

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  • 23/12/2020

    3rd successful order, thanks guys you the best

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  • 23/11/2020

    Termék szállított, de hogyan... csomagszolgáltatás nyilvánvalóan nem igazán óvatos....

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  • 09/08/2022

    nagyszerűen működik

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  • 19/07/2021

    Guud szolgálat, gyorsabban odaértem, mint gondoltam. Újra megveszem tőletek, srácok

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  • 26/10/2020

    termék nagyon jó, és ez a munka

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    Received this water heater (Product ID 1721621 SKUF56991) yesterday and today installed it. It works, but just barely. Here is what I found. 1. The heater is rated at 3500 watts and I measured 3565 watts when it was running. The power cord gets very warm because the wire size is too small. 2. The English language instruction manual is useless, because the translation from Chinese to English is terrible. 3. The LED temperature display on the water heater does not display input or output water temperature. I have no idea what the numbers relate to. 4. With input water temperature of 11C, the output water temperature is 31C. That is just barely warm enough water for use in a shower. The LED temperature displayed about 50C which is meaningless. 5. This water heater works by heating water flowing past a heating element. The slower the water flow, the higher the output water temperature. To get 31C water for showing, the water flow rate was reduced to just above the minimum flow rate needed to turn on the water heater. Less than that flow rate, the heater shuts off. 6. So, I was able to shower, but with water that was lukewarm, not hot. Any lower temperature and I could not use it. 7. And, at that barely adequate lukewarm temperature, the water flow was very low. I tried 4 shower heads and only 1 worked, and that was not the included shower head. 8. It seems 3500 watts is not enough power to heat water for showering purposes. And, the input water temperature will only go lower here as winter has not yet arrived. 9. The only positive trait I found was that the water temperature was very stable. For that I rate it 5 stars!

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