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  • 21/03/2016

    What can I say, 375 assorted LED's in 5 colors and 2 sizes, plus a compartment box to hold them in for less than $5. I know these are coming from China, but I can't believe the quality and pricing of these products. As an American I feel guilty buying from another country, but with the economy the way it is I need to look out for me and save money while getting the most from what I do spend - I just hope China appreciates our business !! That being said, I would like to add that Banggood has done an exceptional job with their website, it's fast, no hassle, and the picture quality is some I've seen anywhere!! I'm usually the guy that needs to touch and feel a product before I buy, but Banggood does such a great job with the pictures and even though some of the descriptions don't translate well into english, I still can figure it out to the point that I haven't made a bad buying decision yet here at Banggood. One side note to new shoppers here on Banggood, they must use a high quality Macro lens because the products looks soooooo much bigger on the site than they do when you receive the product. It's not a bad thing, I prefer to see the detail and all the angles of a product so I can make an informed buying decision. Just make sure you read the description carefully, especially the dimensions ( that way you're not surprised when it's smaller than you imagined from the pictures alone ). I learned it with this purchase, although I'm by no means regretting my purchase just that I didn't think they could fit 375 LED's into a small 2.5" x 5.0" x 0.75" box ( which the box dimensions are missing from the description on this product ). I usually buy my LED's from a supplier here in the States and they have longer leads ( but cost way more ), so based on the size of the LED's I'm used to buying I figured the box would be bigger ( again, because the size of the box is not included in the description ). The leads on the LED's in this kit are about 0.5" shorter than what I'm used to. I don't think it will be a problem, except if I need to stand the LED off the PCB for some reason - but if you're just soldering them flush with the PCB than it won't be a problem.

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  • 23/02/2021

    Great purchases, order placed and delivered 15 days later at the Post Office, congratulations to the BG team for the good work. It arrived in a simple package with padding protecting some assorted items, and in perfect condition. After opening and photographing, it took me a lot of small items in one purchase and I didn't have much time available, however, I did some tests and observations. I really enjoyed not having to spend time going out to buy leds, and the price is good, besides being organized in the small box. The working voltages are the same for large and small, do not rely 100% on the voltages that are in the manufacturer's table. Ótimas aquisições, pedido feito e entregue 15 dias depois na agência dos Correios, congratulações ao time da BG pelo bom trabalho. Chegou em uma embalagem simples com acolchoado protegendo alguns itens sortidos, e em perfeito estado. Após abrir e fotografar, demorei pois foram muitos pequenos itens em uma compra e não tive muito tempo disponível, porem, fiz alguns testes e observações. Gostei muito por não ter que gastar tempo saindo para comprar leds, e o preço é bom, além de estarem organizados na pequena caixa. As tensões de trabalho são as mesmas para os grandes e pequenos, não confie 100% nas tensões que estão na tabela do fabricante.

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  • 14/08/2019

    gostei muito das luzes. Nada errado

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 05/11/2020

    good product 4 colours 2sizes recommended

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  • 21/07/2020

    A leginkább szükséges LED-ek. A kezdőtől a profi használat.

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 29/01/2020

    Nagy választéka LED-ek. jó ár-érték. Ajánlott. A

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 03/09/2019

    Recomendo!!!! Entrega rápida!!!!

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 06/11/2017

    Заказал сразу две коробки, долетели за пару недель. Визуально качество хорошее, диоды не отличаются от тех что продают у нас в местных магазинах, только цена в 10 раз ниже. Коробки, в которых диоды запакованы, так же хорошего качества, с отдельными секциями под каждый цвет и размер (Диоды 3 и 5мм). К покупке рекомендую!

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 11/11/2016

    Great set for great price

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 27/09/2016

    These LEDs are great. They can be used for any kind of project. Need an indicator, no problem, add a led. Don't forget to also add a resistor. And the packaging is great.

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