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  • 04/01/2021

    extra mini elektronikai alkatrészek!

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  • 18/02/2018

    Construction went smooth and i had a lot of fun building it. I used reflow (in work) soldering for the LED side too much LEDs to solder by hand :-D. Clock is working at first try. I have to buy button battery cell for time circuit. I like this clock. I can recomand. PS: There are extra components in bag in case you lose some during construction. Nice touch there bangood :-D

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  • 21/07/2017

    Отличный набор для сборки часов. Правда, добирался до меня он долго - аж 40 дней. Но пришёл без повреждений, что радует. Набор в полной комплектности, но некоторые компоненты в наборе дублируются, на непредвиденный случай. Качество платы и панелей отличное. Сами часы собрать ещё не успел, т.к. пишу отзыв после получения посылки, но уверен, что всё будет работать, как и положено. На всякий случай напоминаю, если кто не сразу понял, где искать схему, или описание сборки часов, смотрите тут - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxSj_zgPes0yWFNCZVppY0duUkU

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  • 05/03/2019

    Excellent product The clock it's very accurate and fancy specially at night. The central back colour is perfect and the change between the colours are very smooth. It's very easy to assemble it if you have a very small knowledge of soldering. It took me 35 minutes to assemble it and the instructions are very specificate.

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  • 05/01/2018

    Набор отличный! Я в восторге! Жаль только что вроде собирал по инструкции, но так красиво как на фото у меня не получилось... Не получается красивый чёрный фон...

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  • 15/07/2017

    overall good product and spent 2 hours for assembly. But 7 green LED was less in package. I have solder two 7 sigment with single LED. seller should be careful about package deliver. my last segment litting low. but this was great fun. suggest how to get more green LED to complete this project

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  • 11/06/2017

    Набор очень понравился. Инструкция по сборке есть на сайте. Такой набор покупал первый раз. Вроде как получилось. В наборе все есть и даже немного запасных частей

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  • 10/07/2019

    Après montage cette horloge fonctionne bien. J'ai choisi la couleur rouge, mais on dirai que le bleu et le vert est bien aussi. Dommage que la visibilité diminue à la lumière. Il y a même quelques composants supplémentaire en cas d'erreur.

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  • 20/01/2019

    I love this clock. the project was fun and well worth the time about 3 hours. The directions are a little difficult to understand because it's written in broken English. I will say this is not for someone who is just learning to solder, there is extremely small parts.

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  • 22/08/2017

    I bought this to keep my SMD soldering skills in practice and it definitely does that - there are a huge amount of LED's to solder on. There are two problems I found though. The first is the instructions didn't make it clear that there are two colours of LED's provided so I just worked from left to right and ended up with a nice shade of blue for 80% of it and bright pink on the rest. The other problem is that it doesn't really look as great as it does in the pictures! You can barely read the time on mine because the LED diffuser is just a thick sticker - from a distance it sort of looks okay but its almost impossible to tell the time or work out which mode you are in without standing back about 20 feet from it. I'd considered flipping the front plastic so the diffuser is on the outside as that is very clear but who wants to look at a big white sticker? In summary - it's cheap and useful as a way to practice soldering but unless you're prepared to alter it to make the time visible then its not going to be any use as a clock.

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