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  • 20/12/2020

    Semplice da realizzare con interessanti funzioni utili per l'hobbista elettronico. Se poi si vuole è possibile programmarla per fargli fare cose differenti e più evolute. Divertente e utile. Simple to make with interesting functions useful for the electronic hobbyist. If you then want you can program it to make it do different and more advanced things. Funny and useful.

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  • 13/07/2020

    It's a wonderful calculator kit, but I wanted to make my own calculation program, so I modified this calculator kit. 1. Changed the CPU from IAP15W413AS to PIC18LF2685. 2. Add ICSP connector and reset circuit. 3. Add LCD brightness volume and adjusting hole. 4. Add holes for battery replacement 5. Changed D1 to Schottky barrier diode. 6. Programming will be created. I'm looking forward to it.

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  • 14/11/2019

    funny thing. upsides great build quality. nice soldering test backlight display, everything fits just great downside: display contrast cannot be changed, so it is very! hard to read. not sure if this can be fixed.

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  • 31/10/2018

    I ordered one as a sample to test, if I could build this with our youth group. I think this is a nice project and I'll try to check with customs what it will cost to buy these as a bulk order. However, there is a written Manual, but that is out of date. There is a written link to an online manual on that small paper, you should use this to build it. Unfortunately the manufacturer decided to pack smaller rubber feet and these are now to flat. As a result the screws scrape on your desk. You need to file them about 1mm down. A big problem are the push buttons. These are so loud that you will not use this calculator at work or in class. The sound definitely steps on anyone else's nerves. However, nice little fun project and very affordable.

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  • 19/01/2019

    การประกอบ ไม่ยาก ครับ สินค้าค้าสวยงามใช้งานได้จริงครับ ชอบรูปแบบการคำนวน แสดงผล โจท ด้วย

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  • 14/03/2020

    Bem divertido de montar a calculadora funciona muito bem boa diversão, o único ponto negativo é que não vem bateria.

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  • 05/11/2018

    Easy to fit, all parts fit well. It works well, it's a nice device, it's handy for easy scaling.

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  • 25/05/2019

    kit facile à monter, fonctionne parfaitement!

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  • 03/04/2019

    mto bom faz cálculo de resistor, led.

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  • 31/10/2018

    Works vell with 5V 500mA power suply (no battery need). Conversion HEX-Dec works well, DC current for LED and color rings too. Calculator works with 7 digits only, but no problem. Finaly, everything works good. Thanks

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