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  • 02/02/2021

    Excelente logística: Chegou rápido, e sem qualquer avaria! O produto é bom, você consegue se divertir muito, usando sempre dentro do campo visão; seguem mais detalhes! Prós: Material Resistente; Equipado com câmera e GPS; Contem slot de cartão (não testei ainda); Incluí hélices sobressalentes e uma boa bolsa pra transporte; Ele é bem rápido; Os controle funcionam bem (testei até 50M em campo aberto) Contras: Manual horrível, não te apresenta o significado dos beep's e outras informações básicas; As duas antenas do controle são falsas, acredite!; O vídeo transmitido por FPV apresentam baixa qualidade e muitos congelamentos; Bateria dura um pouco menos que é divulgado;

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  • 27/11/2020

    Nagyszerű drón bárkinek, aki ezen a világon kezdi. Szuper gyors szállítás, 27 nap alatt érkezett. Nem adóztattak meg!

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  • 23/12/2020

    Ottimo prodotto qualità prezzo, banggod ottimo sito lo consiglio 5 stelle meritate😊

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  • 17/08/2019

    My opinion after trying this drone (I'ts a toy). I"m comparing it to my first one (E56/eachine): 1. Flying at home - possible. Make sure you are not trying to use gps ... 2. Camera - even the better resolution (I've got the 1080P camera), the camera of the E56 had made better pictures and vids. 3. Flying on open area - much easier, the GPS makes great job and made it muck easy to control it, and it has more power to resist wind. 4. GPS on open area keeps the drone on radius about 1 meter. 5. Flying on the building's park lot - GPS much less accurate - beware. (might move behind the corner and then more 6 meters) 6. "return home" mechanism - the drone goes up to 20 m, it's higher then 6 floors building, and the GPS became more accurate. the drone might lend on some roof instead in the small park lot.... 7. application is nice. It takes time to the image to be seen so FPV in crowded area will not work (you see the wall when the drone is inside already). in open area you have plenty of time to react, so it's possible. 8. link to app next to buildings can lost easily, when loosing direct line to the drone or if any neighbor using same freq. for his router. 9. Flying time (1800 ma battery) is muck shorter then expected (nearly 8 minutes). 10. the need to work in order to set compass and gps is annoying. 11. in full light day light, t's hard to see the led lights. 12. using the controller, it's impossible to know when the video had stopped to record. 13. the phone holder is too small for my phone (blackview 6800). 14. Surround me works not as i excepted. the drone comes above me and then make turn of 360 deg. I've got video of all area instead video of myself :-) Last line - a lot of fun within limitations, good value for price.

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  • 06/08/2019

    first time drone Flyers this is the one you need. work great I had a blast with it it's a little smaller then what I expected but its performance is amazing just make sure you get the GPS 1.

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  • 05/09/2019

    very good product arrived early, the material very good I hope that in flight is that good Thank you nilber👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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  • 17/08/2020

    Great product for just under 100$. Well packaged and arrived earlier then expected

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  • 16/09/2019

    Es perfecto aunque el wifi o la aplicación no va demasiado bien. Se producen muchos cortes de imagen en tiempo real.

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  • 29/01/2020

    Mercadoria de ótima qualidade!

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  • 25/01/2021

    Jó az ár. Olcsó kivitelezés. Kamera az ár szerint. Csendesen repül a levegőben.

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