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  • 26/01/2019

    The LED bulb is cheap but it is very well done. Maybe 500 lm is excessive ...

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  • 26/08/2018

    Good LED bulb ... but I have some doubts about the 500lm ...

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 22/11/2018

    Big with efficient coolig. The 500lm is a litle bit overestimated.

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  • 06/05/2017

    i measured current at .38 amps which is about 5 watts. very bright, nice color, and dimmable by usual 12 v. dimmers. note; you cannot use a wall dimmer to dim a transformer down to 12 v. you need a 12 v. led dimmer. lamps measure 3.25 inches from front surface to base of the pins. these have a very wide spread. should be about 120 degrees. nice aluminum heat sinks. seems to be pretty good color rendition, but i didn't measure. heat sink gets a little warm in free air, so should be ok in an enclosed fixture. I tried the warm white one, and i like it. may try a neutral one later. it is hard to find warm white mr16's that are wide spread. these seem very good and i am about to order more.

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 25/06/2016

    First the pros: These bulbs are bright. At 5W they are much brighter than the bulbs I'm replacing. This is what drew me them in the first place. Next, these bulbs have good color. If you have a room lit only with these bulbs, the small variations between bulbs blend together. However, I have 20 bulbs in one room and mixing them with the old incandescent bulbs shows they have a slightly higher temperature (which is what you'd expect from 3000K bulbs rather than 2500K or 2700K bulbs). The bad: The size of these is much longer than the bulbs I'm replacing. This makes them fit poorly in the fixtures I have. They dim more slowly than the incandescents, and with my dimmer at least they stay too bright. To use them, I'd have to replace my dimmer with an LED compatible one.

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 03/01/2018

    These are nice mr16 globes and are per specification with regards to dimensions. They don't dim on a traditional dimmer for this a LED compatible dimmer is required... Without this get flicker a lot and simply switch off around 50% down.

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  • 01/07/2017

    un petit doute sur la qualité, une glace bouge sur une lampe la finition parait légère, entourage alu face avant.... a voir a l'utilisation , pas encore assez de recul...

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    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 14/11/2017

    The quality of the lamps is good. Light is bright and pleasant. It seems that all parameters are as specified. I hope they will serve me long.

    Mutasd az eredetit
  • 04/08/2017

    A quick swap from the halogens and dim reasonably well, fading out about half way on the switch, a nice light for living area.

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  • 16/01/2019

    Geven zeer goed en helder licht

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