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  • 28/08/2017

    Whilst this tracker isn't the smallest available, it serves its purpose as a pet tracker perfectly. It's so light, my cat doesn't notice it, and when he decides to hide himself in the local hedgerows and bushes, I can soon find him. It isn't too precise with distance, but once he's in range, I press the locate button, and his tracker beeps telling me exactly where he is. He wears the tracker all the time, and it doesn't bother him.

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  • 07/07/2017

    Well . I`m surprised, I can say it work great, I was walking with my dog, and "loose" my key in high grass, and after 2 km, I turn around and try searc for the tracker, my position, just before the connectien lost, was there, and then I walk against the spot, and suddently, the tracker was connected again, and then its just to use the sound, and you`ll find what ever you have lost ;-) I say, go for it, to that price, its a great found...

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  • 20/06/2017

    I get it with in a 17 day. It’s ok. If faster, it increase me to buy more. It is little bit difficult to proper use. Its take time to understand how to work. But I suggest to buy this tip of product for small children or pat.

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  • 07/10/2017

    получено за 3 недели проверил все работает товар супер

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  • 04/08/2017

    es un aparato muy bueno que recomiendo, podeis ver las explicaciones en el canal drones en el cielo en youtube..

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  • 19/08/2017

    Amazing service and awesome product!

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  • 04/10/2017

    They are ok. I used it once and didn't touch it again because it seems like the apps they use on a lot of stuff from overseas drains batteries on the phone. Also you have to always pair it up every time and it will not just stayed paired so i gave up on it.

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  • 13/08/2017

    Funciona bien. Cuando lo buscas en la calle se oye bastante bien el pitido si no hay mucho ruido. me costo un poco que reconociera por bluetooth el Small Lovely programa el Smart Finder

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  • Zeter

    Buen producto, material de buena calidad, pero no era lo que esperaba... no tienen conexion GPS a mas de 20 metros... su conexion con el celular es por medio de bluetooth... si hace el trracker pero solo a distancias que soporte el bluettoth

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  • 11/08/2017

    Installing the app and registering the device(s) is easily done. Nice device, but the sound is not loud

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