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Csak az Ön országából származó vélemények (Hungary)
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  • 09/01/2021

    Arrived quickly and looked very good, fitted it yesterday, very easy, all parts included as well as 2 flexible pipes of decent length. Construction is good and chrome plating perfect, it is a bargain price compared with UK sourced alternatives.

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  • 18/11/2019

    I received this order relatively fast as for something coming from China. The overall quality of the faucet is disappointing even from the first glance, its body (the lower part under the glass) is made from plastic, not a brass or any steel. The upper round cap (above the glass) is made from a thin and a very cheap steel. The bolts which are supposed to be screwed into the lower part of the faucet are not holding in there properly and shaking making installation relatively tough. The faucet was leaking from the day 1 after being installed and I could not eliminate that leak by applying a teflon tape. It seams like the leak comes from the faucet housing itself and has something to do with the cartridge although I can not be 100% sure before disassembling the faucet. This leads me to the disassembling part which looks impossible without having proper tools so I didn't even attempt this part. All in all nicely looking faucet on the pictures but low quality thing when you hold it in your hands. Doesn't work, stay away from this faucet.

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  • 10/04/2019


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  • 24/08/2020

    Kiváló profi, elég gyors szállítás. Könnyű telepítés!

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  • 13/08/2020

    Όλα ήρθαν καλά και γρήγορα σε πολύ καλή συσκευασία με ασφάλεια

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  • 27/02/2019

    Barang dipacking dengan baik dan produknya bagus, nampaknya memang telah dicheck teliti sebelum dikirimkan, tanpa cacat, terima kasih.

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  • 18/07/2019

    Torneira superou as expectativas. Grande qualidade. Recomendo.😊😊😊

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  • 21/01/2021

    Excellent product and fast enough shipping and delivery!

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  • çamadi

    nagyon szép csaptelep köszönet eladó

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  • 27/02/2020

    Nagyon jó

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