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  • 20/08/2020

    كيبورد ممتاز وصوته عالي ممكن يزعج البعض التوصيل اخذ ١٦ يوم لين وصل جودته متوسطه مصنوع من بلاستك لاكن شعوره ممتاز حجمه صغير ما راح ياخذ مساحه كبيره بالطاوله يستاهل الشراء لسعره اذا تحتاج اي معلومات زياده كلمني في الانستقرام FA3_Explains

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  • 23/10/2020

    Nagyon kellemes

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  • 20/01/2021

    csodálatos minőség

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  • 21/09/2020

    Nagyon jó 🇧🇷🇧🇷

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  • 28/04/2021

    arrived in the time that the page says and the product arrived well

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  • 16/06/2020

    An interesting, budget keyboard. With relatively new and not very popular switches. Which deserve much more attention than disgusting (in my opinion) blue switches. In the White Box switches, all the positive characteristics of the Blue switches are present, while the unpleasant features of the Blue ones are absent. I like both the linear and soft stroke of the keys, and the pleasant slightly high tone, click - clickbar. The keys work faster (shorter way) and, unlike the Blue switches, you can make multiple presses without waiting for the mechanism to reverse. The sound of a key click is a separate topic, and very individual. Typing on such a keyboard is comfortable and pleasant. The sound of the click does not bother (unlike the blue ones), while the stroke is linear without any tangible resistance when pressed or bump. However, I did not like playing shooters on these switches. The constant extraneous noise from the clicking of the clickbar distracts and interferes (maybe playing with headphones will not be a problem). Also, the pressing force (spring force), although much less than in the Blue switches, is still not light enough as in the Reds (my main keyboard is on Gateron Red). Finger tendons get tired of this, as you have to keep WASD pressed constantly. Personally, I can not use this keyboard for games. I also want to point out the poor choice in color of the metal plate, due to the fact that it has black keys with native keycaps, they are not evenly illuminated. You can see brightly glowing areas on the background of black plastic keys. Also very bad, thin font engraving letters. I highly recommend installing custom keycaps, as in my photo. (Sold at Banggood) In order to remove the disgusting sound of rattling keys, it is necessary to use thick rubber o-rings. Those that are sold here, silicone, are not suitable for this type of switch. See my photos and videos for a complete understanding of the problem. At my end of my video there is a sound test

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  • 14/05/2019

    everything is perfect and just what I expected out of this product however the app itself is glitchy and doesn’t let me know when it’s getting delivered in which took longer than expected

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  • 24/05/2019

    Tastiera stupenda ad un prezzo a dir poco sensazionale. Mi sono abitato subito a questi switch (molto simili ai blue, che uso abitualmente). Tempi di arrivo un po' lunghetti, ma lo sapevo. Se cercate una tastiera compatta economica ma prestante, questa è perfetta.

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  • 02/04/2019

    Ürün bir harika

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  • 11/09/2019

    muy bueno calidad / precio un switch excelente kailih box white muy placentero su click por un buen precio una desventaja es que no le puedes cambiar la case

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