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  • 16/06/2018

    un utensile utile , molto piu picolo . sembrava piu grande nella foto , forse mi sono sbagliato io nelle dimensioni . comunque un utensle molto utile.

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  • 01/12/2018

    Not yet tested, but seems nice quality, good price.

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  • 18/04/2015

    Get your minds out the gutter, lads and ladies - I'm talkin' taps and threads here! I saw these and saw the price and thought "Holy Smoked Salted Mackerel! M' Banger-Gees have lost their minds and put gold-plated taps on sale for plain steel prices!" - thinking I'd buy a bunch, scrape off the gold and have a Champagne & Caviar brunch with my dedicated Hottie of 31 years. Alas, that's not gold, fellas and felicias - it's titanium nitride and it greatly improves the wear properties of the taps - makes'em last longer, like me. They're still a great price. I don't know about yours, but mine came nicely packaged and clearly marked, M3 thru M6 (M8 size taps are for sissies, trust me...) The tooling looks quality, the tap threads are clean and clear, thread leading and trailing edges have no burring or funny smells - these weren't made by any relatives of mine in some troll cave - these are very nice. I ran an M3 and M4 tap on some 5mm ABS, 6005A and 6061 Alu sheet parts that have been waiting on these taps. The taps cut cleanly (always use cutter oil on Alu) and quickly and all the way thru the sheet. Threads were nice, tight. Buy these - chicks dig'em! Oh, and if you break a tap - don't blame the tap =)

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  • 05/12/2016

    These screw taps goes like a knife through butter. I've tried it (the 4mmm one) on 10mm carbon steel sheet helped with a little oil amount. It have been an easy job.

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  • 13/10/2015

    I've been using my M3 tap to cut threads in acrylic plastic for a couple of months now and I'm very pleased with the result. Clean cuts and no need for lubrication.

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  • 07/05/2015

    E' uno strumento che consente di realizzare facilmente delle filettature a mano. Io l'ho impiegato per filettare dei piccoli pezzi di ottone e mi ha dato buoni risultati.

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  • 19/02/2015

    Нормальные метчики, что ещё про них сказать. Метал качественный, исполнение на уровне.

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  • 13/01/2015

    Firstly, it is a good set for install EVERYTHIN. I use it to limit the depth of the drill hole. Step with a large range of good-value, which is always at hand

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  • 08/07/2016

    These taps appear to be made very well. The titanium coating seems to be well done, and the tap is very sharp. It cuts threads with ease and holds up for a decent amount of time. A++

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  • 30/01/2016

    Ideales para tener un buen surtido de terrajas, aunque debes ir con cuidado, ya que solo hay una de cada juego y así la rosca es un poco más laboriosa de hacer que si hubiera tres por cada paso. Pero por el precio merece la pena

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