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  • 27/11/2020

    I CAN SEE ! :) ... Went from Aomway Commander V1s to these, so happy ! I was happy with my Aomways, they did the job... but this is another dimension. Excellent reception, the mix works very well. The screens are so good, huge, clear and bright, and lots of range in the settings (contrast, color, etc.). The OSD menus are very simple to use. Very comfortable. Downsides : cheap useless provided antennas... Tiny light leak on the bottom with the narrow faceplate (easily fixed with a small piece of tape)... The strap is waaaaay to tight, even fully extended. I added a little relief by cutting the thread, removing the buckle and sawing it back. (see pictures)

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  • 19/04/2021

    Yes, now i can see! I switched from my SkyZone 02S V+ to these and it's a big difference. Why i bought these instead of a DJI digital goggle? I will answer these in the comments section. But when you take a look through these 04X goggles in combination with a good camera (https://bit.ly/3sfh46d) you know that you dont need a DJI setup. ;-) Others already wrote that much so i will only write about the biggest Pro's and Con's in my opinion. So lets start with the PROS: 1. Nice screen resolution and FOV. 2. Good and clear OSD menu and settings. 3. Diopter adjustment is really nice! 4. Power button so you can leave your battery plugged in. 5. High quality headstrap. Yes, you really get a high quality headstrap. Its exactly the same like you can buy from Ethix. And they also fixed the issue that the headstrap is too short. The CONS: 1. Biggest complaint from me is the paint job on this goggle. I bought the grey version (its more like a champagner tone and not grey) and iam very dissatisfied. It looks soo cheap! Like a 20$ item... Iam sure the red and black ones are better because they are glossy and not mat. 2. Useless case that is way too small. You cant let your 45° & 90° adapters on the module. Also the battery. It will not fit. See pics for that. So i bought a other case where all fits perfectly in. Also enough place for more batteries and antennas. 3. The foam for the faceplate will come off after 1 or 2 days. No joke. It just falls off. They really used cheap tape for that. So i fixed that issue with high quality 3M tape. 4. Light leakage within the faceplate. There are 4 little holes where light gets in. But its easy fixed. Just put in some little pieces of rubber sponge and all is fine. 5. Diversity mode is not working properly - big noisy white lines. So just use Mix Mode and you get a better video picture. Is this goggle worth the price? Sorry, i really need to say no. I guess the light version (https://bit.ly/3g6TbeM) of this goggle is a way better choice!

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