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Csak az Ön országából származó vélemények (Hungary)
  • 29/06/2020

    Doesn't work doesn't on

    Hozzászólások (2)
  • 31/08/2020

    ma érkezett 31/08/2020 Ez tökéletes

  • 31/08/2020

    gyors szállítás, kiváló minőségű termék.

  • 29/08/2020

    tökéletes termék, hogy egy csobbanás.

  • 19/10/2016

    Uma óptima câmara, muito pequena em tamanho, mas enorme em qualidade. Grava vídeo em HD e FHD, tira fotografias com uma resolução de 12MP, de excelente definição, suporta cartões micro sd até 32gb e posso confirmar que experimentei com um cartão de 32gb e funcionou perfeitamente! Carrega facilmente ligada a qualquer equipamento com porta usb e em pouco mais de 1 hora. Tem visão nocturna que funciona muito bem, tanto em hd como em full hd. Recomendo vivamente a compra desta câmara, que não vão ficar desiludidos!

    Hozzászólások (1)
  • 17/08/2016

    English manual is terrible. To use: With lense pointing away from you: RHS: ON/OFF button LHS: MODE button Hold O/F 2 sec to turn on. Red LED dimly glows during button press then blue LED glows solidly. BLUE: 720p B/R: 1080p RED: 12MP photo Tap MODE button to cycle between the 3 modes. Whilst not recording, in any mode you can hold power button to turn iR LEDs on or off. 3 flashes = on; 2 flashes = off. To record from any mode, tap ON/OFF button. LED will acknowledge with a flash, then LEDs turn off whilst recording. To stop recording, tap ON/OFF button again and LED will return to whatever mode you're in. Hold O/F button 6 sec to turn off, else leave in standby for auto-off after 1 min. Problems: iR +ve line was shorting on the case, making audio noisy. 1080p has a weird resolution, everything looks 'wide'. Rather narrow lens. Heavy case - 21.6g alone! Electronics + battery much lighter- 6.7g Mount is weak and won't hold position. Largely useless. I'm happy overall given I'm using just the electronics in a project, but as a standalone camera, it's a bit of a failure!

    Hozzászólások (1)
  • 31/10/2016

    For the price point of around $15 +/- this is a pretty darn good camera. The specs over state the FPS (/frame rate) as it is only 15 fps @ 1080p. To get the stated 30 fps you have to record in the 720p modes. Other than that though, it is as advertised. I don't like how hot it gets while charging, but apparently that is normal for this one. I'd suggest not leaving it alone while on charge - OR use a lipo safe bag/box/etc. I could see this being a sacrificial onboard 720p camera for a 200 mm or less sized quad frame ... instead of a (relatively) big GoPro. I'd say this cam is 1/6 the size of a GoPro. The night vision is kinda cool, but as the lag would be crazy on this (assuming one could wire it up to a vTx). That might be a feature for dashcam use maybe. Though, with how hot this thing gets while charging, I wouldn't want to leave it plugged in all the time in the car. Anyway.. just some honest first impressions. --- The attached pics are screen shots of VLC's codec readout of videos taken with the camera. The 1080p one you can see. The other two are 720p - one normal and one night / IR vision enabled.

  • 05/10/2018

    I used this camera as a "dash cam" in my car. The video and photo quality is good as also the audio recording. And that is positively surprising for so small camera, especially for so low price. The battery lasted for maximum 15 minutes of video recording in "full HD mode" (1920 x 1080) after full charged. Good useful thing is the cable which come together with the camera in the package, so the camera can be connected directly to the car supply through the USB Car Charger Adapter (not included). In this mode, the camera automatically turns on and off the video recording, according to turning on or off the power supply (turning the car key). That is quite useful, because you do not have to think about the camera, since it will always automatically video recording only while driving. The small "useful back splint" is made from cheap plastic material. It happened to me I left it in the car on the dashboard (summertime, under the sun). After I came back I realized that due to the hotness was deformed - and so unusable.

  • 04/04/2017

    Il ne faut pas rêver, à ce prix là, ce n'est pas du "Broadcast". Mais pour le prix d'un paquet de cigarette, on ne peut pas demander mieux:) La qualité extérieure est top. Je vais la monter sur mon drone car son poids plume permet toutes les fantaisies. Rapport qualité / prix imbattable ! Bravo.

  • 03/03/2017

    Ordered this camera and it was shipped out the next day, as always fast delivery. Good video quality (720p and 1080p with 30fps) I was surprised about the good video quality, it's better than i expected Photo quality is good Motion detection works till a range of about 2 to 2.5 meters Night vision unfortunately have a malfunction, you can see black lines (see photo).. but not so bad for me (had bad luck with this, maybe i order a second with this price) You get a good camera for a low price


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