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Csak az Ön országából származó vélemények (Hungary)
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  • 23/06/2021

    Szépen megépített, érdekes darab az irodai vagy tudományos oktatáshoz.

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  • 08/12/2016

    Well, this is one of my standard mugs that I normally use for coffee. But now, when the coffee is ready, I prefer to wait a bit until it gets less hot and to see this nice Stirling engine turn for about a quarter of an hour. When you put the engine on the mug, you need to wait about half a minute and then you have to turn the wheel by hand a bit to start the engine. From then on, it'll work on it's own until the heat from the mug has lowered too much to make the engine turn the wheel. I had this interesting engine for some time on my wishlist but I waited until the price dropped just below the amount that the customs in The Netherlands could decide to make me pay VAT. When the engine made it into the Flash Deals at Banggood, that time had come and I immediately bought it. And I'm not disappointed at all. The Stirling Engine works great for this price. It's a nice item to see the basics of a small engine working on nothing more than a (relatively) small difference in heat. I couldn't make it start turning on my hand but it works great on a mug of coffee, the or the lid of your cooking pan. The item made of metal and glass and is manufactured very well and I'm sure it'll last a long time. You need to assemble the wheel and body of the engine when you unpack the item but that's very easy and will take about a minute and then the fun begins... Don't worry about the packaging since Banggood packed the item very well and it arrived without any damage. Thanks Banggood for another great item!

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  • 27/04/2018

    Dieser Stirlingmotor ist ein kleines, hübsches Lernspielzeug und ist gut verarbeitet. Allerdings ist das Schwungrad verdreht, so dass es zu Reibung mit dem Glaszylinder kommt. Wer Interesse an dieser Art von Modellen hat, sollte dieses Produkt nicht missen. Ich habe darüber bei Youtube 2 Videos gemacht: https://youtu.be/R9XKzKJ7Fr4 und https://youtu.be/B5lzZpJxwfs --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Stirling engine is a small, pretty educational toy and is well made. However, the flywheel is twisted so that it comes to friction with the glass cylinder. Anyone interested in this type of model should not miss this product. I made about it on Youtube 2 videos: https://youtu.be/R9XKzKJ7Fr4 and https://youtu.be/B5lzZpJxwfs

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  • 02/02/2016

    Maquina que funciona con la diferencia de temperatura entre la parte inferior de la superior Muy bien embalada, incluye un regalo. Facil de montar y hace el ruido que tiene que hacer una maquina de estas características. Un día de estos le pondré grafito en los ejes Operated machine the temperature difference between the bottom of the upper Very well packaged, it includes a gift. Easy to assemble and makes noise to do a machine of this kind. One of these days I will make him graphite shafts

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  • 09/10/2019

    very cool experiment. runs great and much faster than I anticipated. in my experience, so far, you will need to give it a slight push to start it but if it has conducted enough heat on the bottom, then it will run very fast and you can then remove it from the heat source. I would recommend using hot water, as water can’t melt the plastic piece that is used to house part of the piston. ordering several more.

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  • 02/07/2020

    Eltartott egy ideig, hogy összeálljak, csak azért, mert a kis gomb, ami megnyomja a dugattyút, elhajlott, és a kerekes nadrágtartók, ahol szintén meghajlították, nem simák a forgást, de egy kis bütykölés után örömmel jelentem, hogy igen. munka, és ez határozottan egy bumm a dollárt So Far So Good

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  • 16/03/2017

    Amazing and well-made warm-air Stirling engine. Good quality manufacturing of all the delicate parts on this engine. Makes a slight squeak when running, but a bit of graphite, or a lead pencil rubbed on the crank journal and the noise went away, to create a smooth, quiet-as-a-mouse wonderful engine. Sitting it on a cup of coffee it ran for about 45 minutes. I must admit that (a) I made the coffee as hot as possible and (b) the coffee was in a well-insulated mug. When placed on top of a regular china mug, which has lots of heat loss, it ran only for about 30 minutes. Of course, because it is really only a small model, or actually a toy, it can not drive a load. But a great buy, interesting to watch, and a real attention-getter. Toronto, Canada

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  • 22/08/2016

    Uwielbiam zabawki oparte na prawach fizyki więc musiałem to kupić. Model ładnie wykonany i rewelacyjnie się prezentuje. Postawiłem go na obudowie od MiniPC i gdy się nagrzał wystarczyło lekko popchnąć i zaczął działać. Polecam

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  • ThomH

    Looks good runs good, fascinating to watch. I purchased a coffee cup warmer to provide a steady source of heat and a display jar to keep the dust off.

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  • 13/04/2018

    It is difficult to assemle it such that it stays together. Works fine on a hot cup of water. It is nice to look at. It makes some noice as it spins, but that is OK.

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