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Hobbyboy 18/03/2021
ok, so this just showed up, shipping was some what on time took a few days over a week. I must say assembly is super simple and the plans could be better as ever step is not shown so some guessing is needed. I got the unit with power system as it was the only one available. You can have this bird assembled in about and hour or so, but if your adding in a Fc then you'll be on the bench for a couple more hours. This unit came with a legit sunnysky motor, 40a SM esc, and some metal gear servo's which appear to be in the 9-12g range. If your planing on installing your fc in the rear bay you will need to swap out the stock esc, it's big, and the gps housing is directly above it keep this in mind when mapping out electronics. This bird has enough space for a dual video system as it has 2 pockets on each wing half, and 2 more inner pockets on the fuse, plenty of room and separation. Comes with x2 nose pieces for your choice of video system. one is made for the Dji fpv system and like the Ar900 has a outer location for another camera, it's just on the left side of the fuse. All in all this is a well planned out bird that should provide hrs of fpv fun. This is not a first timer wing unless you install a copilot system!! Even with a 4200 4S pack weight is still needed to hit cg keep this in mind also as the only place to shave weight is remove the stock set up or just the esc!!
Hozzászólások (6)
  • drusha What wing would you get to learn with ? Please !

    Válasz 22/01/2023
  • Hobbyboy drusha I would get a SonicModels Arwing classic. Thus has to be the best wing ever. This wing doesn't stall out low or 0 speed. It just keeps gliding along. Very easy to launch, and very forgiving because it's epp foam. Hope that helps

    Válasz 26/01/2023
  • Starbuck1 Great review! Thanks. Mine just arrived and I was surprised at how well it was all packed and at the compact size of the box. I can’t wait to build it.

    Válasz 07/02/2023
  • Hobbyboy Starbuck1 a few tips: if you have the PNP or RXR version ditch the brick esc. it weighs 20g less than the motor. If your going with a fc a opto esc will work just fine, and save weight. Make sure you use a small gps unit, and move the esc inside the main bay area. If your going HD good because you need as much weight ahead of the cg marks. It will take a 4000 4s lipo or 6s 21700 liion cells. I switched the esc and motor for lighter gear. Emax has a nice motor that priced right and is much lighter than the stock Sunnysky motor. Hope this help with your build. Good luck

    Válasz 08/02/2023
  • BG521510046 @Hobbyboy Hobbyboy,what setup do you have? Can you be more specific about motor, propeller and esc. Which Emax motor do you have? How much is Emax motor weight?
    I have ordered PNP and will probably change battery to 4s2p self made from 18650 cells. I can also make 4s3p or 6s2p. So I can adapt battery shape. Does makes sense to remove some epp (main to head camera compartment) to move battery ahead, maybe just for two cells to fit under?
    I also have 2816 1050KV motor to try with 6s configuration - its weight is 92g, is that a problem for CG? I'm also asking for esc (and its weight) to buy, because I don't have it yet for 6S configuration or to reduce weight for 4s. Thanks M.

    Válasz 06/04/2023
  • Hobbyboy BG521510046 I'm using a Emax Eco 2812 1700kv motor. Esc, I swapped out for a smaller opto 40a esc. In total I shaved off almost 40g

    Válasz 28/06/2023
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