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  • 13/04/2017

    I bought this with the intention of FPV with a CC3D atom stabilized experience in mind using Libra pilot software that came on the CC3D standard. I used a 1806 2400kv motor combined with a 5*4.5 king kong 2 blade counterclockwise propeller. A 18amp plush esc with a 2 amp BEC to power the servos, controller and reciever. The FPV gear 148* FOV 200mw eachine 'kit' as sold on banggood (love that little kit by the way) is powered from the 800mah 3s purple star battery. The servos are just some sub 9 grams i had laying about that fit in the frame easily however 9 gram servos would have been fine if i had cut out a bit of foam. I have set up the little bird for rate mode, auto level and manual modes. Upon the maiden flight she flew well enough but with enough speed i would loose control of the plane because of deflection of the wind pressure against the control surfaces. This was not unexpected due to the nature of EPP control surfaces. But a slower speeds it flew wonderfully and i enjoy the plane very much. Its a tight build but one that i can bash around in on the FPV drone track with ease at our local field. The V2 tips that i have is as follows: Put a carbon fiber ribbon in the control surfaces instead of the fiberglass one; it would allow the plane to fly faster without deforming the control surfaces at the top end . And make the ribbon that goes into the center of the plane carbon fiber rod and also 3 inches longer. I reinforced the elevons with a 2mm thick strip of 3d printed PLA and made a motor mount on the back to double up on the motor mount to make it surface mount close to the frame a wooden one would have been just fine but I opted to design and print one out. For anyone that wants the parts I designed and printed just go to thingiverse and search for the Spirit 600 should be easy enough to find. The build PDF is very accurate as where the CG is located balance this little guy right and you'll have a great little flyer. Thanks for the little wing BG

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  • 26/05/2017

    Order Spirit 600 Kit Here http://bit.ly/2oP4JXm Spirit 600 Mini FPV Racing RC Flying Wing is available as a kit version only. You have the choice to install your favorite power combo and enjoy flying fast FPV flights with this mini FPV Racing Wing. This FPV Racing wing kit is very easy to build, it has tough and durable material and I am sure it is going to be super fun to fly short range thrilling fast FPV. Spirit 600 will surely give you a break from FPV Racing Quadcopters and bring you back to old school RC Plane, RC Flying Wing FPV Fun with a bit more of power and performance.

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  • 26/07/2018

    The quality is par for the course for RC wing kits. Hot-wire-cut EPP foam with faded looking printing. It has a rough texture that will hinder efficiency and filament tape won't stick to it. It would also be hard to laminate with the fuselage. The orange winglets and black fuselage are bright though, as that's the actual foam's colour. The fuselage is spacious, but this is still a small plane. If you go crazy with heavy parts it will be hard to fit them in, and the plane will have a high stall speed. The servos are nicely protected in their position, and the holes are suitable for 5g servos (but you can fit 9g when cutting out the holes). The steeply swept wing with back-leaning winglets works like a pseudo-tail and fights off the yaw oscillation other straighter wings usually get after rolling. This oscillation doesn't effect flight performance much but is disorientating for FPV flying, so this wing is a good airframe for FPV. The nose section is hollow for the battery and is quite thin (3mm) at the top, so this will tear in a bad nose-in crash. The fibreglass belly tray is a nice idea, but it's extremely difficult to route your battery cable through it, and its battery door is narrower than the cutout in the foam, which means your battery will either slide around or it will have to squeeze through the battery door. The fibreglass part also won't stick to hot glue very well, so it won't conform to the harsh curve at the front of the fuselage, and will break free in your first landing. Maybe better glues can fix this, but the foam will still always be tugged at by the fibreglass trying to straighten out. I built mine with these parts: 2204 2300kv motor 5" Kingkong 5040 2 blade prop 30A Turnigy ESC with 3A BEC 3S 1000mAh Turnigy batteries 2x 9g servos Kingkong Micro CC3D FC for stabilisation and auto-level FRsky V8R7-ii receiver With the combination of large servos, a large receiver without ppm and a large ESC, my fuselage ended up very cluttered and very difficult to close the fibreglass hatches. The weight is also quite high, but the fuselage design still allows the CG to be correct even with a very large battery. Due to my low-pitch prop and low-KV motor, I'm carrying a lot of weight without the thrust to reach high speeds. As a result my flight envelope is quite narrow. I recommend an 1806 motor, 12A ESC, 5g servos and a 3S 450mAh battery instead.

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  • 02/05/2018

    Me parece un avión excelente, ya he tenido tres, uno desgraciadamente lo perdí, fpv y mucha confianza en un día ventoso, tiene espacio suficiente para fpv y controlador de vuelo, pequeño, ligero, resistente y muy potable, ademas de bonito alejándose de la clásica ala volante al tener algo de fuselaje. La decoración es bonita en cualquier color, aunque esta un poco descolorida con respecto al aspecto que tiene en las fotos, pero no llega a quedar mal. Vuela muy bien y es maniobrable, ágil y permite algún error, aunque no es recomendable para principiantes, si bien aguanta muy bien los accidentes. es un peso mosca. Lo recomiendo y me encanta. Creo que voy a comprar otro, si hay stock, no se el tiempo que hace que no hay disponible.

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  • 28/07/2017

    Un poil cher pour le contenu mais régal à piloter. La doc succincte suffit et un peu de connaissances pour tout mettre en œuvre. Pour que l'aile vol à l'horizontale regarder ma photo des ailerons. Lancer moteur à l'arrêt pour éviter de se couper. La couleur est effectivement fade.

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  • 29/05/2017

    This is my first non-FPV, LOS only training Wing. Dys 1806 2300kv Motor, 10A ESC, 2A Bec, two 5 gram servos, 2s 500mah battery. I added an extra CF spar and laminated the wing, which makes it super strong. The spirit 600 flies very slow and stable but doesnt like loops and rolls at all :( The DW Hobby Rainbow v2 does that much better...

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  • 06/03/2018

    Building my 2nd Spirit 600mm .. This one will be lighter than my first . 1306 4000kv 12A ESC 5x4 prop 3.7g servos 2s battery Motor / Prop / 2s = 8A current pull = More than enough power / maybe too much I think a 6Amp combo ( motor - ESC ) will be enough as long as you dont add weight

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  • 31/01/2018

    These neat little wings are easy to build and will certainly give the B@#$%I a good run for it's money. Especially when these look more suited to racing FPV at club level to add that extra fun into the hobby...

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  • 11/04/2017

    This little plane kicks ass! #bonsaikiller #apexkiller Please make this plane in 900mm Only banggood has deals this good. I laminated mine, added a carbon fiber rod and seriously overpowered it

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  • Sacdong

    I set this wing 220 grams in weight. Very stale flying although very heavy wind. You can see flying video and spec. in follow. https://youtu.be/ZINE0hYAL70

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