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Csak az Ön országából származó vélemények (Hungary)
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  • 07/05/2021

    Looks good, will start building it for maiden flight

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  • sahca

    Kerettűz, szuper, tökéletes 😀. másodszor is megveszem, és nagyon boldog vagyok. Nagyon tartós, sok komoly festéke van, és még mindig érintetlen. Egy újoncnak pont erre van szüksége. Sok mindent lehet beletömni ebbe a keretbe, a hely lehetővé teszi. Általánosságban azt javaslom, 👌

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  • LeoVIP3

    O frame e muito barato pela qualidade dele os braços são separados pra trocar quando quebrar o espaço interno e ótimo mas se vc precisar de mais vem com dois espaçadores que aumentam esse espaço e muito leve para um racer de 218mm. vem com 2 protetores de motor a mais. recomendo para quem esta começando.

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  • 15/03/2018

    "FROG LITE" rocking the Racerstar 2306BRS...2700kv motors Racerstar AIO Starf3s 30amp fc Racerstar 5042 v2 props Eachine ct800 tvl cam Eachine 526 VTX switchable 25/200 /600 mw 35v...1000uf CAP and a "BUCK" regulator set @ 8.45volts RX is flysky x6b (ibus). PRESTINE VIDEO powerful...not to forget the REALACC 3dbi RHCP Pagoda!! pretty smooth flyer and powerful. Hope I can flash Butterflight!!!

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  • 05/03/2018

    It's a great design quad. All electronic components need to be squeezed into a small frame. One who buys this frame needs to consider the number of stackable boards. It's light and flying great. The M2 screws heads are easily wear off. Could have supply more screws in the package.

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  • 23/10/2017

    This Frame can take a hit - A BIG HIT! The most durable frame i ever had! Nice to build, nice to fly, if you find another Frame as good as this for this price, you lie! Or it is made of cheap plastic... The parts fit perfectly together, the Alloy is nice and smooth, 7075 Alloy! I dont get it why other Frames with alloy parts have to be so expensive... For me: This the Frame of the Year(s)! You will have a lot of fun with it, and you cant go wrong when buying one! Recommend 10/10

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  • 23/09/2017

    i got so many crashes, and still works fine, you can see on photos! I ordered again two frame, to tech childrens to fly. as tiek kartu crashinau, ir visvien jis laiko. Tiesa svoris nuogo reme yra 110gramu, o ne kaip jie ten raso. Viso surinkto kopterio svoris 340g be bateriojos. Sudetis: Runcam Swift2, Matek 405AIO, 4x Emax 2205, 4x emax bulet 30A, TBS unify HV race is laido padariau antena, Lantian 2 in 1 WS2812B LED And 5V Active Buzzer, FlySky FS-X6B receiver

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  • 22/08/2017

    Very clean edges on the frame. Everything fit together perfectly with the included hardware. Also came with spacers to give a bit more room for the electronics; these were not shown on the product page, but I'm glad to have them. Without the spacers there's about 20 mm for the electronics stack, and with the spacers there's about 24 mm.

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  • 17/03/2019

    TransTEC Frog Lite 218mm for 5 inch drone with 30mm mount hole. It is very easy to assemble FC, ESC, PDB, CAM, receiver and so on. It is GOOD frame for me.

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  • 17/01/2020

    コンパクトな造りのフレームです アルミフレームが小さい(低い)ため スタックの高さは20mmで納めなければいけません ただ付属品のなかにアルミフレームを高くするカーボンのブロックがあるため5mmくらいなら有余あります(^-^) PDBを置いてアーム上にESCを置けば何も考えずに納まる様ですが 仮に4in1入れてみたら余裕だったので 4in1+F7+VTX&DVR+RX+CAP(X2)+Bz+アームLED(X4)+テールLED+カメラの構成でいけます (^-^) カーボンプレートは切りっぱなしの未処理ですが アルミフレームは造りがなかなか良いです(^-^) バッテリーはアッパーマウントにしようと思ってましたが 上には載りません 厳密に言うと載るには載る・・・けど・・・ 4S1800mAhはアウト 4S1500mAhはカメラの近くまでとどき 4S1300mAhは何とかギリギリみたいな感じです ボトムマウントできる様にバッテリーのプロテクターも付いてるんで 下に吊します

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