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  • 24/02/2021

    Very sleek glider. 5 channels.Flaps aren't needed on take off but they will help slow the landings down. Its power system is adequate but don't expect much more than gentle climb on 3s batteries. The wings come apart very easily for transport but it can be fiddly poking flap and aileron connections into the fuselage in the field. Widen the holes for those wires and life is better when rigging her up. Great value and a good performing aircraft

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  • 19/12/2020

    it took almost a month before it was delivered to me,but its ok because the package is safe and complete,thanks banggood and to the courier ( NINJAVAN )

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  • 20/03/2021

    absolutely beautiful glider and an incredible finish. I knew what 8ft in length was but it still took me by surprise when it was put together. although I love the look and feel of this plane/glider there was a few minor issues while assembling it, 1: the instructions where rather vague and a couple of the steps were in my opinion the wrong way round but obviously not a massive issue. 2: I had all of the pieces to complete except I had 9 servo arms and only 3 of them were single arms and the rest were double which therefore I had to cut them and bore out the holes for the rods to fit. 3: some of the servo wires were very short causing bits to be very fiddly and others were very long causing awkwardly feeding excess wire through holes or in servo holes. 4: the canopy is shockingly weak, small cracks straight away soon as I removed it so will already have to buy spares if possible. 5: 1 wing clips/unclips very easily but the other wing I have to fight with as the clip lock inside is a couple mm further in than the other side. none of the above are major issues and now it's built I can't see any reason why I'd need to do it again but I thought I'd mention them for others benefit. maiden still to come so opinion may change on how nice it is. definitely is a beautiful bird though with a lovely smooth finish.

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  • 10/09/2020

    The ASW 28 2.54m from Banggod is a cheap - but good flyer. I have not crashed it during 10+ flights. My less experienced friend DID crash it however. But the only damage from going inverted INTO a tree was: Some cuts into the wings, a fairly big crack on the outermost left wing, and finally one aileron was hanging by the servo rod. All fixed easily with tape and glue. She has run 4 flights since the crash. Good: sturdy flyer, easy to fly, very slow tipstall, good platform for heavy loads. Looks majestic in the air. Bad: nothing really. Recommended mods: remove wheel and put a piece of plastic to free up space so a bigger battery or other stuff for FPV can be placed further back. A longer plate to mount battery on inside fuselage. Tape the foam hinges as they are a little bit thin. Run it with a 12x4,5 prop on 3S or stock 10x5 prop on 4S for easy take offs. I use 4S 4000mAh and get easily 20 minutes of flying, with battery at storage when landed. Put connectors outside the fuselage when connecting the servo wires on ailerons and flaps. Or widen the hole where they are pulled through. The canopy is...rubbish I'm afraid. Drill out the small holes where the canopy fasteners are stuck into, o put screws instead. This canopy WILL break otherwise. The "hooks" that lock the wings into fuselage will probably have to be sanded to fit nicely. My left needed about 1mm to lock easily. For the price this plane flies very well. Cheers!

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  • 08/11/2020

    Habe einen Volantex ASW 28 vor 5 Tagen bekommen. Kabinenhaube defekt. Habe sofort nach Erhalt reklamiert. Bis jetzt keine Antwort. Wenn ich keinen Ersatz bekomme, werde ich hier nichts mehr einkaufen.

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  • 23/02/2021

    Őszintén szólva, egy kicsit aggódtam, hogy milyen állapotban lesz. De az ár, amit fizettem, nem is olyan rossz. Kisebb horpadások az egyik szárnyon és egy törött üveg (Van biztosításom, ezért érdemes lenne feltenni a kérdést). Személyesen kézbesítve, nagyon rövid idő alatt.

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  • 25/01/2021

    Szép termék. Valójában kisebb, mint vártuk. Bix egy kicsit sérült, így néhány alkatrész. csomagolás lehetne javítani

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  • 03/11/2020

    Box arrived banged up. Rudder was separated from the vertical stabilizer. Lucky, the rest of the pieces did not sustain damage.

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  • 03/05/2021

    The plane is ok. I have changed canopy mount, without screws. I have made servo covers on wings, just to protect them. This cover are 3D prints. Overall very good plane, for this money.

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  • 10/03/2021

    Jól csomagolt, gyors szállítás, nagyon jó megjelenésű.Jó illeszkedés, ajánlaná

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