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Csak az Ön országából származó vélemények (Hungary)
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  • 24/08/2018

    Excelente calidad, recomiendo el producto y el servicio del vendedor. Gracias.

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  • 14/05/2021

    A csomag probléma nélkül érkezett, és nagyon gazdag volt. Ez egy fantasztikus játék. Nagyon könnyű elkezdeni. Minden telepítve van, semmit sem kell telepíteni. Mindössze annyit kell tennie, hogy fut a Wifi és párosítsa egy Android app vagy tabletta, és működik az első alkalommal. Nagyszerű, köszönöm, Banjó.

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  • 21/09/2018

    Good Product body

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  • 13/07/2021

    Nagyon szép

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  • 29/06/2021

    Ez nem játék, hanem programozóknak.

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  • 22/12/2020


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  • VIP4

    The robot works as advertised, and is great fun. I did have a few problems. The documentation is below minimal, and some guessing was required to get it going. There is an "AuthCode" required for the Android app to work, that is written on the WiFi board label, and not mentioned anywhere in the non-existent documentaion. The camera servo was attached with a screw that is too short, and broke loose almost immediately. I replaced it with a longer screw from my servo stock, and it works fine. A great toy for the price.

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  • 13/09/2018

    Dear Sirs, am disappointed because there are not enough instructions in English or Italian to be able to operate Xiao R STM32 Self-Balancing Smart Roly Robot Car Wifi VideoThere are only instructions in Chinese. Also on your site you can not find/download the software now I write support@mega.nz but don't have an answer yet

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  • 25/04/2018

    FIrst of all I would say you would not buy this type of RC robot if you think it´s just another rc toy. This is a programmable Rc robot, so keep this in mind. To have some percentage of geek level build in you, might not be an the worst skill you have and yes its chinese like most things on bangggood :-) Lack of this and that is really not a problem. Use google chrome and the build in translate function and you are ready for http://www.wifi-robots.com/ where you find the information. The app - download - follow the instructions to activate, the auth code for the robot is on the board - took about 10-15 minutes and I was up and running The robot - Connect you device to the wifi network its transmit and you are ready to go Quality - the overall quality is amazing, when you take the prize into consideration - aluminium frame and motors etc.I have seen more plastic then this to a higer prize Did I have any problems? Pretty much strate forward. I had to reset the main board and the wifi board, because the wifi signal would not come up. Tip: there is a small blue light on the wifi board, with a solid blue light the signal should be up and runing. Of course waiting the activation was a bit strange,and I had to register http://www.wifi-robots.com/ the get all the software for the robot. The robot runs great and its fun. If you hit something (like a wall) it tends to fall over, but this dont bother me. Keep in mind It is cheap :-) Good luck with your robot, I most likely wold by another -R

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  • 23/11/2018

    Item arrived in perfect condition and fully assembled which was great but i am unable to fully operate it because all instructions lead me to a Chinese written program and or instructions and that is an issue the only thing i can do with it is play like the young kids on the video -;) I push it and it comes back to it`s previous position.

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