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    I bought two MT-8 kits with the CNC upgrades. One to drive and another a few months later as a spare part dispenser. When disassembling the second MT-8, I noticed very negatively that way too much loctite was used. I didn't get some screws loosened and damaged my tool in the process. I had to drill out the screws. The lower suspension brackets (8045 + 8046) were then destroyed. Too much loctite was also used on the c-mounts (8134) and in the hex wheel hub mounts (8086). The screws can only be loosened with very massive screwdrivers. The seal (8265) for the receiver box was missing in both kits. I have installed a 1950 Kv Surpass Taurus 4274 bruhless motor with the standard 13T gear (8195) and standard 48T spur gear (8473) on my MT-8. I recommend installing the stronger motor base (8487). From a 3S Lipo the MT-8 is already quite fast. With a 4S Lipo, wheelies are no problem and the MT-8 becomes a projectile that hardly brings the engine power to the road. The MT-8 then flies over the area and is difficult to control. The construction then reaches its limit. Because of the large wheels, I recommend a powerful 35 kg servo. I also recommend installing the front bumper (8481) and the rear wheel (8482). The front bumper can be upgraded with LEDs. I have a lot of fun with the car, but I would like a little more care when assembling it in the factory. And please don't use so much loctite anymore.

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  • 07/11/2020

    Ez egy nagy fantasztikus teherautó futó 4s a 4s a versenyautó 4068 kefe nélküli és 120amp esc, és DumboRC 6xfg adó és vevő . elég keményen megvertem ezt a teherautót, és kitart. Azt javasolnám, hogy fejlesszük a gumikat és a kerekeket, akkor kezdtem el repedni, amikor először tudtam játszani vele. Ez a teherautó nagyon szilárd, és fele annyi, mint a hasonló teherautók ára

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  • 08/02/2021

    Molto buono e robusto telaio in metallo ( da registrare la bulloneria ). Istruzioni ed accessori chiusi in un bag per evitare la perdita di alcune parti piuttosto piccole. Incluso anche il pignone 13 denti da montare sul motore ( e bussola per bloccaggio ) . Come anche il blocca motore ed il supporto per il servo. Ampio alloggio batteria che misura 5x13,8cm e 6cm in altezza. Arrivato in 5 giorni lavorativi i dettagli del tracking non servono a nulla....

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  • 07/11/2020

    Good value on this product. As the product speaks for itself which shown in the photos. Eveything came was in the box as described. As usual Banggood delivery was 20 days. That’s fantastic.

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  • 21/09/2020

    well built, solid construction, good sturdy a-arms and chassis, loving the big bore shocks and they colour of the anodised parts is quality. my only gripe would be they seem to have put a fair bit of thread lock on the chassis screws so I'm going to heat them up before I try and remove them again (need to check the diffs/always advisable to do this and re-grease to save an expensive repair) otherwise I couldn't be happier. beware shipping to the uk, if you haven't purchased the relevent shipping insurance then you'll have to pay tax and won't be eligible for a refund, import duty will also apply if you purchase any items over £135 aswell

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  • 05/04/2021

    A legjobb szörny teherautó. Lovagold meg most néhány hétig a 150A Combo-val a Surpass Hobby-tól. Leginkább 4-esekkel, néha 6-osokkal. Top feldolgozva és eldugva sok. Bármikor újra megvenném.

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  • 02/01/2021

    arrived on schedule, the box was a little dented on the outside but inside everything was ok, very nice !!!

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  • 11/08/2021

    jó ár gyorsabb szállítás köszönöm

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  • 01/03/2021

    great the best rc car

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  • 12/11/2020

    wery good product and good seller!

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