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Q: vem com adaptador?

Kérdezte aribertofisica2 tovább 2019-11-10 10:58:01

PanRider Yes with adaptor.

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PanRider Dial market: I don't remember, never searched for it, Pre-inst'd: I don't remember it has been stolen from my luggage at airline...Sorry!

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PanRider Yes You can use to measure for cumulative el. consumption. I don't know whether it turns to 00000kWh after reaching 99999kWh because my didn't reach this value. It will memorise the last count when the mains interrupted and will continue from the memorised value when contacted again. You could make periodically "cumulate" the comsumption by Reset button set back to 00000kWh and record by hand.

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PanRider I haven't bought this repeller. I advise to search for plugs in Philippines 220V 60Hz system:www.tropicalexperiencephilippines.com electrical-plugs-philippinesThen lets choose. In my opinion You can use the EU plug in lucky case.

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