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Q: Hello. Can I connect this drone to DJI Remote and Googles?

Kérdezte BG445322341 tovább 2022-04-19 02:41:25

BG752332534 An analog vtx receiver must be set in the goggles. I don't know what controller you are using. However, it is presumed that the Dji's receiver needs to be connected to the aircraft's FC.

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Q: Are the gimbal tension adjuatable on this remote control?

Kérdezte limmenglee1991 tovább 2021-12-17 01:56:25

BG752332534 In order to adjust the spring tension you have to remove the cover and also remove the main pcb before adjusting. The amount of vertical travel, mode 1-2 switching, and throttle friction were possible without disassembly.

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BG752332534 Nanomount modules can be used externally. Various protocols such as Sbus CRSF are prepared for the external module protocol.

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