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Volker Simply remove the back cover and connect the two points "Reset" and "Gnd" with a piece of wire or with a paperclip. This causes a RESET.

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Q: Hi does this work with iptv box

Kérdezte roymaghraj tovább 2021-10-17 01:28:48

my2234 It is s good remote and will work well with any device that uses IR signals. It will not work with devices that use WiFi remotes. Remember that you must have a working original remote for it to learn from. Only very new devices use WiFi most use IR.

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Q: Is the magnet strong enough to hang the phone with the cable?

Kérdezte Lucask98 tovább 2019-02-15 07:45:45

my2234 Probably not but if it would the USB plug might come out of the socket. The magnet is good if used as intended.

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Q: ola e taxado no brasil? play store ?

Kérdezte padmalocani tovább 2019-08-24 06:04:13

my2234 I have one and would not recommend it. The pen screen works poorly and the USB port is easily damaged.

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Q: o carregamento é rápido?

Kérdezte Isaac Brandao tovább 2019-08-20 11:18:32

my2234 I have one and would not recommend it. The pen screen works poorly and the USB port is easily damaged.

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Q: Dá para ligar ao iPhone?

Kérdezte BG259451232 tovább 2021-04-04 06:31:03

my2234 Yes, it is just connecting it to the terrible charging cable that is nearly impossible and so unreliable.

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Q: does it works with dell inspiron 2 in 1 ?

Kérdezte isabellapmanzini tovább 2020-08-10 08:48:10

my2234 it doesn't even work very well with the useless Voyo I8 plus that I have. That tablet was my 3rd and last Voyo because the USB port on it and one of the others both broke.

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Q: When will the Ulefone Armor 7E arrive? Not yet available.

Kérdezte Arpiel tovább 2021-04-08 05:14:07

my2234 I have the 7E but they are currently restocking implying it will be available again. There is no time scale on the web site.

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Q: Does it work with ferguson 4k tv?

Kérdezte bassturd70 tovább 2021-03-31 04:22:28

my2234 This remote uses IR and provided the original remote is available and it uses IR it will learn from it and most probably work. However, some modern TV controllers now use blue tooth or WiFi, if your TV uses this type of control this remote control won't be compatible with it.

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my2234 24/03/2021
I am really happy with this phone and it performs well on most fronts. Much as I hate to say it I find Microsoft Launcher works really well as it allows me to set it up so that a double-tap on the home icon will bring up the lock screen. The volume buttons and power button feel different from each other and make not turning off the phone by accident less of a possibility. Unfortunately, the fingerprint scanner is not so easy to find. It might have helped if the area on either side had been ridged. Often there are a lot of false accidental scans and I have to resort to the pin key to unlock the phone. If the heart monitor and the fingerprint scanner had been in the reverse positions things would have been better. I have also got a ulefone T2 with a scanner on the rear and that works perfectly. Maybe with practice, I will get used to the side fingerprint scanner. The lanyard slot is very useful as normally securing the phone to a belt with a chain is difficult. There appears to be an IR blaster at the top edge of the phone, it isn't and has no obvious purpose. Maybe in a future model using the same case? The plug that covers the USB slot is almost certain to get lost as it sticks out and is not very secure. I have already lost one of the two supplied. If this plug is supposed to save the ingress of water it would give me no confidence. I think I would prefer waterproof tape as I seldom use the USB port and far prefer the wireless charging feature. USB ports usually get damaged due to repeated plugging and unplugging or a tug on the wire during charging. I think I would have appreciated a standard jack plug for my earphones for the same reason. USB plugs are only good for data transfer as they are far too fragile if they get tugged.
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Q: what's mean by 'app only'

Kérdezte rousanali611 tovább 2018-11-07 03:51:07

my2234 I wouldn't tend to buy one the USB port is not very strong and can break during repeated charging leaving you with an expensive paperweight. The USB port is on the mainboard and not easy to repair.

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Q: does it work with umidugi bison

Kérdezte BG384992311 tovább 2021-01-29 08:02:17

my2234 I don't know but it works well with a Ulefone T2 phone. I would think it would work just as well with any phone having the same type of wireless charging as the T2.

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