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Q: product shuts off at 11volt power cut?

Kérdezte sukrubahadirrr tovább 2021-05-12 09:39:51

Sykoma the exact voltage the unit will shut off will vary from unit to unit as the is veriation in the internal components and the battery you are using. but it will be around 11v

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Sykoma the one I have work for a while but the WiFi went quickly then I had to take out the battery so it only works on usb now and with the SD card

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Q: does it support fpv transmitter??

Kérdezte BG181045590 tovább 2021-11-19 11:06:29

Sykoma it has a hdmi output that could be connected to a hdmi transmitter. but there is no standard av out. so it depends on your equipment.

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Q: Does it hurt?

Kérdezte drone_manyaq tovább 2019-12-03 06:43:57

Sykoma no it's a very slight pressure to stop it falling off

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Q: Tenho 5 painéis de 330 w posso liga-los em série para este controlador?

Kérdezte BG814153555 tovább 2021-11-15 05:36:03

Sykoma you have a maximum 1650w if you use a 48 v system you can get upto 2800 w and if they are 20v panels you would have 100 PV volts max which is less than the 190 it can take. you would just have to follow the instructions.

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Q: How much do the power consumption? ?W 12V ?A

Kérdezte nanarou tovább 2018-10-26 06:15:24

Sykoma upto 150 w 11A 14.4 v with the engine running

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Q: What about capacity ? And how many minute does take for heating?

Kérdezte Retried tovább 2019-08-23 02:21:45

Sykoma hi I have one of the 12 150w 1liter kettles. it takes about 30 minutes to turn off 98C with 200ml in it. if you insulate the 20 minutes for 200ml about a mug full

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