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Q: Anyone got a clue? No, not me either

Kérdezte Snafu tovább 2022-01-17 03:22:15

charan It is called a string shooter. Search for it on YT. This is a novelty toy, and maybe a science thingy.

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Q: Can I connect it directly to USB and use is as a Zoom camera?

Kérdezte BG154853943 tovább 2020-06-20 11:35:18

charan Yes you can. I have used it with Zoom. The manual focus is a PITA.

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charan I am using this as a 12 volt power bank after a little soldering. Get the blue connectors out, and solder them directly to an Anderson plug or whatever. This cuts out the 30 second timeout, and makes it unsuitable as a jump starter, but very good as 12 volt power bank.

charan 28/11/2020
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