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blueovalboy94 24/05/2020
This is a great rig. I've owned several HG products in the past and they were all great trucks. Do they have there flaws,yes but so does every brands including the big brands 'rtr version' (occasionally kits) rcs. While this is an 8x8 wheel drive with 4 wheel front steering,this is not a crawler and should not be used like a crawler. I seen people use a few HG trucks the way they were not intended to be built for such as crawling,bashing,etc. and then break these (it's mainly the axle and transmission gears) and other HG trucks, then complain about it and say HG products are junk. HG are infact good trucks BUT you have to treat and drive them as they should be driven. If you do this and not put heavy strain on the gears by driving the P801,P802 and P803A like a rock crawler then you will be fine. This is a heavy truck so the gears will have alot more strain put on them if not driven correctly. The HG P803A is more like a trail truck. If you drive it sensibly then it will last you. 1 of the things I like with this P803A and a few other HG trucks,they come in a nice foam carrying case. Though I found that the P803A version has a much tighter fit then usual and you will have to unscrew and remove the mud flaps every time to get the truck back in the case so I will most likely not use the case. Not saying all cases are like this,but the 1 I received was a little snug to my liking. 1 thing I recommend is to drive this to your trail spot as this is not a light weight rig. I have a 1/6 capo sixer that is lighter then this. The HG P803A is about roughly 27-28 lbs (12.5-13 kgs),but that's due to the fact that a large percentage of this rig is metal. The only thing I plan to change is the radio as I'm not a fan of stick radios. I recommend the standard version over the upgraded version as I'm not a fan of the red,white and blue colored police lights on a military rig. If you like military rigs then I definitely recommend this for you.
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ThomasKehrer die Motorhaube lässt sich öffnen, aber es gibt keine Motorattrappe

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Q: Can I use a NiMH battery in this truck?

Kérdezte blueovalboy94 tovább 2020-04-28 07:11:34

Regnalbob235 Yes,it support NiMH battery

2020-04-29 04:40:45 Hasznos (1)
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Q: sir LEGIT? im afraid to buy

Kérdezte Reader Looker tovább 2020-09-16 01:53:19

blueovalboy94 I've order at least 8-9 rc's from banggood and never had any issues. They always came in a timely matter,about 2-2.5 weeks being I live in the United States but never had any customs issues either.

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Q: does the bucket tip/move up and down? or just the main arm,thank you

Kérdezte blueovalboy94 tovább 2020-07-18 02:03:20

Patrick The bucket tip can move up and down by the remote controller

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