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denmatpaul The spec's says 2-4s, MAX power 270W it only says 20A ESC, at 11.1V =14.4A, 14.8V =10.5A.....

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Q: Ha la funzione di ritorno a casa?

Kérdezte Frankie19 tovább 2021-06-21 02:22:29

denmatpaul HiFrankie 19... that depends on your setting..

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Q: Which motor shaft diameter is suitable for this propeller please ? :)

Kérdezte Mosquito15 tovább 2021-06-07 06:08:09

denmatpaul HiMosquito, i will be using the N2830 1000kv Dc out runner motor on the Phoenix S, this motor as a Shaft size: of Ф3.17 , this PhoenixS 742-7 propeller will not fit the motor shaft its to big, 3.60 the collet that grips onto the motor shaft when tightening the nut inside the propeller is the wrong size....

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