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Q: is it possible to buy spare parts for this?

Kérdezte BG924624345 tovább 2021-12-05 03:03:56

Mcircuits spare parts are actually difficult to find especially the wheel cup..i broke one and just modified it with the wheel cup from HBX because the fitting of the head of the dog bone is smaller so be noted of that.

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Q: welchen Anschluss haben die Akkus? gibt es Akkus mit mehr Mah?

Kérdezte BG453378393 tovább 2022-01-27 02:03:25

Mcircuits Deans connector or T type connection. battery capacity is 1600mah and putting a higher battery capacity will not fit on the battery tray.

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Q: does it slows down when the battery 50% or lower?

Kérdezte SheenaBabes tovább 2022-01-19 09:24:32

Mcircuits it just stop. it is brushed and only brushless runs slow when battery low threshold was reached, that is why I converted mine to brushless.

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Mcircuits you can't. it is a brushed motor and to prolonged the life of the motor, keep on 2s battery, unless you upgrade the whole electronics to brushless system .

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Q: How bout warranty?

Kérdezte BG254749381 tovább 2022-02-08 07:49:10

Mcircuits no warranty, but as a unit owner of this truck, I'd say tough and durable.

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Q: can I buy just the wheelie bar ?

Kérdezte RickyWittner tovább 2022-01-27 09:29:18

Mcircuits With the current brushed system setup, the truck will not wheelie.

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BG181132383 maganda ba talaga ang camera at hindi magalaw ang video. nag aalangan ako..buti nakita kong may kababayan dito..di ako mahilig bumili ng branded gaya ng mavic..binabayaran mo din kase yung brand. sinusuportahan ko yung ibang di kilala..

Richard Sacil Thoto 18/08/2021
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Q: is this brushed or brushless?

Kérdezte BG481232292 tovább 2022-01-08 04:23:53

Mcircuits it is a brushed but can be upgraded to brushless of the correct motor size and esc.

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