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Q: What is the power output of the soldering iron?

Kérdezte francisrohan tovább 2020-01-02 01:17:18

bandar20072015 200W خرج طاقة مكواة اللحام ياعزيزي

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bandar20072015 There are no problems. It is one of the best motor that I have used.. I have previously used similar ones from different companies ,DJI920KV ,snusky920KV, Tmotor920kv , but this company has high quality and highly efficient motors when used. You'll thank me later for my advice, my friend

bandar20072015 29/11/2021
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Q: still haven’t received this item Brushless motor!!

Kérdezte devo10 tovább 2019-02-26 02:07:10

bandar20072015 not have esc this order Jast motor

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Q: Is it only landing gear or frame+landing gear combo pack?

Kérdezte saikat.saikat41 tovább 2019-08-02 10:15:19

bandar20072015 Included my frind this .. 1x Top plate 1x bottom plate Arms (2 black and 2 red) 4x landing 1x bag of screws

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