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BG403216410 The Allen key is for the blind screw (grub screw). It secures the whistle which threads into the funnel shaped piece ( 2 seperate pieces).

BG224854450 22/08/2019
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Q: Hi do you stock ultra bright, clear 7mm round Led. Operate on 1.2- 1.5 volts.

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Myoxine They seems do not have 1.2- 1.5 volts 7mm round Led on sale.

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BG403216410 The black knock came off as it could not cope with the load, before the glue came away. Next the threaded shaft stripped as could not cope using a 10mm ring spanner because the black handle spun around the nut earlier. It will do 4 or 5 small dents before it falls apart

BG403216410 30/08/2019
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