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SteelGoing@forcemeister To be clear: what I was referring to in relation to having two superior devices was the oscilloscope function. The big difference is frequency range and sample rate, though having said that, I did set up my signal generator and found it to be acceptable within it's specified range. You will also find function selection annoying on this device if using it as an oscilloscope especially if you are used to a desktop oscilloscope with dedicated buttons for most functions. The main reason I purchased this device was for the component tester as I had tried one of the early "build your own" designs of this device type and I can say that this device is far superior. Way faster readings and more accurate.

SteelGoing 03/07/2022
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Q: What case kit is available that will fit this power supply and the RD6018W?

Kérdezte SteelGoing tovább 2022-02-16 11:15:01

Wharfinger https://www.banggood.com/RIDEN-RD6018-RD6018W-RD6024-RD6024W-Digital-Power-Supply-Case-S800-Only-Metal-Housing-Shell-For-Voltage-Converter-p-1926450.html?cur_warehouse=CN&rmmds=search

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Q: wifi module on rd6018 model?

Kérdezte ErgunG tovább 2022-05-01 05:35:40

SteelGoing Only if you order the RD6018W model NOT the RD6018. The option for the wifi module is on the ordering page.

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Bricola Hello, regarding the specs , the DC power input range is 6 to 70V, so 68V is ok. The 1000W is ok too, with an efficency of 95% (only exemple) the max power output is going to be about 950W .

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Q: O que são os indicadores "C.V" e "C.C"?

Kérdezte santosvandinei tovább 2021-09-28 06:39:20

SteelGoing Constant Voltage & Constant Current

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