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TrungLe6116 You can search by using its global name "Lenovo P11 Pro". Specs are described quite clearly in Information section of the item.

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Q: can it run Windows 10?

Kérdezte BG188254312 tovább 2021-06-03 12:33:32

TrungLe6116 No for now. But who knows what is coming up in the future :)

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Q: Is it easy to operate? For the reverse cam?? Reading alot of bad comments

Kérdezte BG113217492 tovább 2021-07-01 09:46:56

TrungLe6116 It's very much like any android phone or tablet. About reverse camera, it's all about properly setting it up, once you got it, it automatically show the camera when you put the gear at Reverse.

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Q: when will it be restocked?

Kérdezte BG216164355 tovább 2021-06-10 02:33:33

TrungLe6116 I had a chat with customer service and they said I need to wait until Jun 21st. So sad.

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Q: Is Google Play installed on this product?

Kérdezte OJISAITO tovább 2021-06-02 05:20:24

BG221616181 I dont think so. But you can sideload google services pack manually.

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Q: Can I use the old keyboard for this?

Kérdezte BG221616181 tovább 2021-06-02 02:17:56

The seller Yes,the old keyboard is fit for the niw one.

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Q: Global model?

Kérdezte BG484447342 tovább 2021-05-29 08:12:19

BG221616181 This is China version. But soon we can flash worldwide ROM just as we did with P11 old version.

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