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Q: Has anyone found instructions for this kit in English?

Kérdezte lodifred tovább 2019-02-07 03:41:03

Bernie This is what I found and used to try make this kit: www.usefulcomponents.com/main_contents/projects/am_fm/am_fm.html. My son and I failed miserably. Switching on, we managed to get the LED to light up but no audio. We also couldn't even close the case to assemble it. My hat off to anyone who actually manages to make a working radio from these parts.

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Bernie How to change your password?1. There is a hole behind the lock.2. Using a small stick to press the hole(don't release) and then change your new password at the same time.3. Finally release the stick and your password changed.

dante66 21/03/2018
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Bernie In the instructions there's an arrow pointing at the switch to show that one side is intended, and that's the side that goes to the outside of the PCB. I was having trouble with the resistors until I gave up on Ohms and just followed the colour coding as per the photos in the instructions. But really, they should tell you which is which (IMO).

eccathacker 18/11/2016
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