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Q: quanto dura la batteria in uso quotidiano?

Kérdezte dany tovább 2018-06-08 03:37:29

Mariaki if you asking for battery's life, has a long long life. You can use the watch at least 7 days

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Q: it is waterproof ??

Kérdezte Kartik Thakore tovább 2018-09-02 01:42:42

Mariaki of course it is! 😉

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Q: Does it support NFC?

Kérdezte Pavla Šprtelová tovább 2018-10-07 11:31:12

Mariaki no, it doesn't

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Q: How can I synchronize contacts with phone?

Kérdezte dimkar tovább 2021-12-03 04:34:01

Mariaki hi. you can't. in the application, you will choose the option "frequent contact" and you can add only 20 numbers. Then, in the watch, you are choosing the icon with the phone book and there you will find the 20 names

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Mariaki έχει κι άλλες επιλογές για ρολόγια από την εφαρμογή;;

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